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Attention Hamster Huey

Gooey Kablooey?
My previous posting questioned whether the technique of capping the gusher might not back-flush hot oil into cold methane in the subsea floor, thus producing a larger explosion.

Since then I have noticed that this sort of speculation infuriates the oil industry and their acolytes in corporate-owned-and controlled media. That tells me that they are also worried about the Big Kablooey.

Well, here's hoping all that crude is going to stay put now. Note the PR efforts to divert attention from the horrific ecological damage done already. The speculation that all will be well with the well, however, is just as unscientific as the worse speculations; too little is known of the seafloor geology.

Oil is leaking up today from the sea floor:


And Science? True scientists do not claim certainty in a milieu of unknown paramaters:


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