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Lemonade Revolt!

When the state gives you lemons, give the state hell!
Phone conversation with Maria, the mother of the lemonade revolt!
Phone conversation with Maria, the mother of the lemonade revolt!
Last week, during the last thursday street party, once an un-permitted, anything goes sovereign street festival held by the poor of the community, now gentrified and commodified ghost of it's beginnings, the state brought out the brownshirts. A little girl set up next to a group of anarchists slinging literature and handmade wares, to sell lemonade for a whopping 50 cents a cup. The state authorities, this time in the form of two women with badges and clipboards, came in growling at the little girl and her mother to shut it down for lack of permits. We quickly went over and assured the mother that she can stay, when the state then gave written warning that she would be fined $500 for her obvious criminal activity. They left and we promised to surround the stand if they would stay and offer the lemonade for donation. They agreed and sure enough the state returned. We informed them, in not so polite language, to get the fuck out of here, and do not return. They pulled their badges, threatened the family and eventually won, due to lack of community support as hundreds of people just walked by without caring. Meanwhile, the little girl, a 7 year old girl who suffers form extreme arthritis, was weeping and her mother was crushed.

I propose that we, as a community, arrive at august' last thursday early enough to secure alberta street from 25th to 26th street with donation based lemonade stands. We take every spot on that street and give away our most creative lemonade! We play music, dance, have fun and bring back the absurdity of last thursday. When the state comes...we stay! We take back our block and our festival. We could donate the money made to anything we choose, but the point is to take it back from the authorities who have stolen it from us!

Get creative with your lemonade! Rosemary lemonade, lavender lemonade, mint, rose, agave, chili pepper, you come up with it and let's do this! It is actions like these that will bring a community together in a fun and pronounced fashion, and I guarantee you that if the state tries to shut it down, we can make a stand together!!!!!!!

Last Thursday, August, alberta between 25 and 26th. arrive early enough to secure the street for lemonade madness!!!!!!!!!