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Immigration Concert Held for ACLU in Nebraska

Nebraska ACLU is battling for the rights of non documented persons in FREMONT,Nebraska.Needing more Funds.
It's been in the works for 6 monthes that a special citywide imagration vote held last month in Fremont Nebraska would overwhelmingly pass.
IT Did.WAs to take effect last Wednesday.
Local long time locals want the workers that work in Nearby Vally ,Ne corporations to become documented or outright be denied housing,and medical,and school services.

A concert was held last night to fund the Nebraska ACLU to continue their battle against the Mayor and City Council.
While there was a special consel meeting last Monday to decide to actually not implement their new law based on what is happening in Arizona,they decided to go ahead anyway and try to enforce their new city law.

One paticular trailer park owner sent letters to his undocumented renters and told them he did not care about the city law,and would continue to rent to them all with paid up rent. He has recieved all kinds of threats.
It is a huge issue, and already in Federal court in Nebraska,and the Judge on this case is not really aware of which enity,Federal or State jurisdiction she should be deciding this case under.And if so, is the undocumented workers being
racially discriminated,on a state jurisdiction.

The City Council point is if the feds dont want to do their job and control our borders,than this city will do their job for them.
I personally had asked Pre President Obama in Portland ,Oregon in one of his rally visits,in 2008 "Whom is suppose to handle immagration and how?"
former Gov. of Mexico Bill Richardson will be my immigration enforcer when I am in Office"....well we know what happened after that to Gov. Richardson....scandle.....
Meanwhile as I have said over and over................."Feds need to hire "more "documentation" workers to just sit at the

borders and hand out temporary social security cards .Those cards alone will ad to America's tax base.That alone

will insure that an employeer will have to pay leagal wages and obey federal workplace laws.

There is a proven $11,000,000 extrax tax dollars a year in America from made up and or stolen social security numbers of Tax's paid in by undocumented workers.

This creates less corparate tax paid in because the corporate employeer is (cooking his books )and hedging his bets that the

feds wont step up and or that ICE wont raid him and if they did, a plea deal ahead of time like the Portland,Oregon Delmonte

raid in 2008-2009 is evidence of such Hedging.

And give entry point 60 day visa's and a requirement to register themselves with a local county sheriff of the jurisdiction you

chose to live within during those 60 days.

Remember, the County Sherrif authority usurps the federal authority's as he is the controller of the county.And he can enforce

a policy he creates and chose's.

So to the ACLU...I say great concert party on !!!
note: I am writing from a predominate republican state.."UGH"
Thus subject to a lot of "NIMBY" , and attitudes like "I cant stay rich if your spending up the local tax base".

To my fellow Nebraskans I say, "America is a meltingpot of immigrants including my Family too", To America I Say "MELT ON".