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Now One Step Closer to Developing West Hayden Island Wildlife Area

Thank you to everybody who wrote Portland City Council and came out to the hearing last night. Council received hundreds of emails opposing development on West Hayden Island and well over 150 people came to the hearing to express their opposition as well. The letters and testimony have been outstanding and demonstrate an amazing depth and breadth of opposition to West Hayden Island Development.

Unfortunately, City Council voted 4-0 (Randy Leonard was absent) to adopt the Mayor's resolution assigning the Bureau of Planning to develop a legislative proposal to allow 300 acres of industrial development on West Hayden Island. The resolution was improved to be more explicit that all development activities would be included within the 300 acres and to require additional analysis into cost/ benefits, alternatives and community impacts, but the bottom line is that the City is now going to spend hundreds of thousands of additional tax dollars moving West Hayden Island closer to development.

Someday this could all be pavement! What's Next

This is far from over. Annexation is still at least a year away. We intend to fight development on West Hayden Island every step of the way and we are planning lots of events over the next year to send an even stronger message. We will continue to need your help.
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