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Rose City Antifa: Oregon Neo-Nazi Leader Hides Identity as Pornographic Model and Actor

Rose City Antifa has discovered that a prominent Oregon neo-Nazi leader--Corinna Luray Burt of the National Socialist Movement--is a pornographic actor and model. Our organization is circulating this information for several reasons: • Neo-Nazi organizing is, at its core, misogynistic and homophobic, as well as racist and anti-Semitic. Neo-Nazi stances are weakened when the movement's contradictions are pointed out. • Burt's hypocrisy reveals that white power rhetoric is a poor attempt to legitimize prejudices that are not based in reality. Pornography is not a Jewish plot to destroy virtuous whites. Nazi ideas around virtue and depravity don't reflect the membership of neo-Nazi groups. • While the white supremacist movement has several female leaders other than Burt, the movement as a whole tends to treat women primarily as vessels for white babies or as objects of fantasies. The mother/whore dichotomy that exists in American society as a whole is greatly magnified within the white power movement. We aim to even further highlight these misogynist contradictions and make them a thing of the past, along with fascism.
Corinna Luray Burt
Corinna Luray Burt
Burt with other Oregon NSM activists
Burt with other Oregon NSM activists
Burt's Hitler tattoo
Burt's Hitler tattoo

Rose City Antifa would like to make clear that Corinna Luray Burt is being exposed for being the most prominent NSM organizer in the Pacific Northwest, not for being a sex worker. Burt's neo-Nazi activities have included marching alongside neo-Nazi militiaperson JT Ready in an anti-immigrant demonstration in Arizona and travelling to Washington State to commemorate the death of neo-Nazi terrorist Robert Jay Mathews. Here in Portland, the NSM has distributed hundreds of racist flyers bashing Martin Luther King, Jr. and littered the area around Congregation Beth Israel with propaganda denying the Holocaust.

Fascists and Pornography

"This industry in which there is so much exploitation, so much degradation, so much catering to the depths of human depravity, has obviously not been a blessing to our culture or our people. [... ] For talking about this disgusting evil, and exposing the role played by Gentile-hating Jews in promoting this degeneracy, I will be called hateful and indecent."
--White supremacist David Duke in "Jewish Anti-Gentile Hatred Present in Porn Industry" (2005)

"WN [White Nationalist] men can start encouraging other rites of passage for boys - how pathetic is it to look forward to getting to see a naked woman in a magazine? Many boys believe they are missing out if they don't get to look at one or go to a strip club."
--post by "NorwayLuray" (Corinna Luray Burt) on the neo-Nazi stormfront.org site, 05/16/2010

"A cold shiver ran down my spine when I first ascertained that it was the same kind of cold-blooded, thick-skinned and shameless Jew who showed his consummate skill in conducting that revolting exploitation of the dregs of the big city. Then I became fired with wrath."
--Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf (1925) about prostitution in Vienna

"I have never, ever installed an ass hook into someone so effortlessly. That bung hole just gobbled it right up."
--Into The Attic: Amateur BDSM Adventures about its pornographic shoot with "Cori Lou" (Corinna Luray Burt), posted 10/22/2009

The Portland anti-racist group Rose City Antifa has discovered that a prominent Oregon neo-Nazi leader is a pornographic actor and model, a finding that may displease her racist colleagues who typically denounce hardcore pornography as a Jewish plot.

Corinna Luray Burt, an Oregon leader in the National Socialist Movement (NSM)--currently the largest explicitly neo-Nazi organization in North America--has appeared in pornographic films and similar websites under the aliases of "Cori Lou," "Cori Lou Burke," and "Slave Corrylu."

Burt's DVDs include the 2006 titles "Handjobs Across America # 18," "Deepthroat Virgins # 21," and "Eye Contact # 39," as well as the 2007 discs "Cream Pie # 49" and "Corrylu's Correction." The website Paintoy features five photo albums and one video album of "Cori Lou," all of which date to 2007. The site Bondage Auditions points to three undated, seemingly hardcore videos featuring "Corilou" while the KnotNice fetish site also features undated work.

On March 15, 2008, Burt registered on the white supremacist stormfront.org website, where she now posts under the user name "NorwayLuray." This registration marked the start of her formal engagement with the white supremacist movement. She soon became well-known to Portland anti-fascists.

In a January 2009 stormfront post on a thread discussing "Pornstars Leaving Porn," Burt stated that "I doubt we get a lot of former pornstars seeking membership on Stormfront, but we do have a lot of people who have watched porn (some perhaps interracial?), as well as some who still watch it." Burt neglected to mention her video and modeling history. By April of the same year, Burt described herself on stormfront as a "National Socialist party member." She was heavily involved with NSM activity throughout 2009 and into 2010, with much of this activity centering on Portland and its suburbs, but also including travel elsewhere. Burt's signature on stormfront describes her as a "Unit Leader in the National Socialist Movement."

In September 2009, Burt's job as a funeral director and embalmer with Young's Funeral Home in Tigard, Oregon (owned by Service Corporation International) came to an abrupt end. Rose City Antifa welcomes information regarding this end of employment, a topic that has piqued our interest. Burt has since found other employment. The next month, on October 22, "Cori Lou" resurfaced as a porn actor, when the Into The Attic website hosted an extreme sexual torture shoot featuring her.

The text accompanying the Attic session describes "Cori" as a "body builder." Burt's escalating involvement with the bodybuilding subculture occurred concurrently with her neo-Nazi activism, with "NorwayLuray" registering on the prohormoneforum in April 2009, and on the isteroids.com forum the following month. Burt's profile on bodybuilding.com (now as "14gerbils88") was established on March 28, 2009. "NorwayLuray" also frequently posted about her bodybuilding training on the white supremacist stormfront.org site, including a thread entitled "Starting my contest prep!!!" in which she detailed her training for a bodybuilding competition that took place on October 10, 2009.

Burt was a hardcore neo-Nazi before and after the October 2009 pornographic shoot, even though her porno acting seems to contradict her activism. Burt promoted and attended a National Socialist Movement gathering on the Oregon Coast which took place from October 18-19, 2009, mere days before the "Cori Lou" Attic video appeared online.

Burt's Neo-Nazi Organizing

Burt has been engaged in a frenzy of activity for the NSM. A recent article by Rose City Antifa exposing Portland neo-Nazi Jeffrey Jay Thomas was accompanied by photos placing Burt alongside Thomas at a February 12, 2010 meeting of the Pacifica Forum--an anti-Semitic group that meets in Eugene, Oregon--as well as at a November 7, 2009 National Socialist Movement anti-immigrant rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

On March 12, 2010, Corinna Burt gave a video presentation entitled "Treblinka was not a Death Camp: Here's Why" to the Pacifica Forum in Eugene alongside Jimmy Marr, an extreme Right activist also linked to the NSM. Jimmy Marr was the guest speaker following the NSM "reclaim the Southwest" protest in Los Angeles, California on April 17, 2010. Burt also travelled to this protest and was "given a rank promotion to Private First Class, after one year of service in the group" according to her own account. Burt left Oregon again on December 8, 2009, travelling with her racial "brothers" to Whidbey Island, Washington, where they located the site of neo-Nazi terrorist Robert Jay Matthews' final stand in a confrontation with government agents on the same day twenty-five years earlier. Burt and her comrades then paid tribute to Matthews' vision of a "White homeland in the Pacific Northwest."

The Oregon NSM has also been heavily involved in propaganda distribution. The Portland Unit of the NSM littered the city with one thousand fliers in January of this year, denouncing the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. In September 2009, the NSM distributed Holocaust denial flyers under car windshield wipers in the vicinity of Congregation Beth Israel in Northwest Portland, a clear attempt at intimidation. Holocaust denial seems to be a special interest of Corinna Burt's. Burt attended the speech of notorious Holocaust-denier David Irving in Portland on July 19, 2009, later boasting in an online post that she had "met someone there [...] one of the founders of the American Nazi Party. [...] Never have I been so proud to be a White National Socialist." (This was the same meeting that members of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance attended en masse.)

2010 has not been a wholly good year for Corinna Burt. The Grant County, Oregon, Blue Mountain Eagle contained the following report earlier this year ("Cops & Courts," 3/3/2010):

At 2:20 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 28, OSP tried to stop two eastbound vehicles, a black Chevy truck, followed closely by a Dodge Neon, on Highway 26 near South Highway 395 in John Day. The Neon yielded but the truck sped away, first onto N.E. Trowbridge Street, then through a stop sign at N.E. Elm Street before stopping at an Elm Street address. The driver of the truck, Christopher A. Bellender, 32, was charged with DUII and cited for failure to yield, failure to obey a traffic control device and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Corinna L. Burt, 31, driver of the Neon, was also charged with DUII. Both were taken to jail and the vehicles secured at the scene.

It should be noted that Chris Bellender is a former prisoner with apparent affiliations to the white supremacist movement. John Day, Oregon, where Bellender has an address on Elm Street, was in the news earlier this year as residents there protested plans by Paul R. Mullet's faction of the Aryan Nations to establish a headquarters and training base for the organization in their community.

While Burt's stormfront page still proclaims her role as a "Unit Leader" for the NSM, that organization's website now lists (Forest Grove resident) "Pvt" James Ward as its primary contact for the NSM in Northern Oregon. However, the Northern Unit continues to list its address as the same PO Box as Corinna Burt used on her resume when job hunting earlier this year. At the time of writing Ward (as "wordsforlife14") still has "NorwayLuray" listed as a top "friend" on the NSM-operated NewSaxon social networking site.

Burt still appears to have the support of her neo-Nazi allies. When she competed at the National Physique Committee's Oregon State Championships (a bodybuilding competition) this July, Burt reported that "some comrades came out to see me, which was great!" Burt competed under the name "Karina Burt," receiving a win by default in the "Novice Women" class. She also used the event, held at Parkrose High School in Portland, as a means to spread a Nazi message, posing on stage to a soundtrack of white supremacist music: the song "Son of Odin" by the neo-Nazi act No Remorse. Burt also claims that she finished her set "with a straight-arm salute." However, she chose to have "the airbrush service cover the big Hitler portrait [tattooed] on my left ankle." Adolf Hitler, it should be noted, strongly condemned pornography as a symptom of Jewish people's existence.

Corinna Luray Burt is not the first pornographic actor to have been found participating in organized white supremacist movements. While travelling with the then-leader of the Aryan Nations Richard Butler (now deceased), Wendy Iwanow was arrested in 2003 at Spokane International Airport on a warrant for forgery. It was subsequently revealed that Iwanow had starred in almost 200 pornographic films under the name of "Bianca Trump." The latest revelations about "Cori Lou" appear to mirror the "Bianca Trump" episode, except in the case of Iwanow, she had retired from pornographic work many years before affiliating with the white supremacist movement. Corinna Burt, on the other hand, took part in her most hardcore shoot while probably being the NSM's most active organizer in the Pacific Northwest.

Rose City Antifa wants to be clear that it is neither opposed to Corinna Luray Burt's identity as a sex worker, nor to her sexuality. Our organization is against her being a neo-Nazi organizer, and our intention is to highlight her hypocrisy. We urge Corinna Burt to turn away from a white supremacist scene that may react to her hidden activities with hostility, judgment or contempt.

Rose City Antifa is always interested in information regarding racist, fascist and neo-Nazi activity in Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our voicemail number is (971) 533 7832. You may also email fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net.

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Ha! 30.Jul.2010 10:21

mutt pride

With face & nose like that she is fooling herself if she thinks she's really white. But then again very few americans are all the way white. And in the grand scheme of things no one is really white anyway because none of their ancestors were white before migrating to the Caucasus mountains.

Retraction 29.Sep.2010 11:51

Rose City Antifa fight_them_back@riseup.net

Rose City Antifa regrets the statement "Chris Bellender is a former prisoner with apparent affiliations to the white supremacist movement," which was made in error. Chris Bellender was in contact with and arrested in the company of neo-Nazi Corinna Luray Burt, but the article's portrayal of Bellender as a white supremacist affiliate was not based on sufficient research and documentation, and is incorrect. Rose City Antifa is committed to providing accurate information, and we will always correct errors of fact promptly when they come to our attention. We apologize for this error.

971-533-7832 (VM)

corinna burt 17.Sep.2011 12:21


Mussolini overcame the organized crime gangs that were ruining his country by demanding that "Each voter account for himself in an open and public ballot" and in return, promised that his Party would "keep no secrets from the people." This was the Fascist Party and Hitler adopted this idea because it returned honest citizens back to the rule of government. Any medals these men wore were probably for doing what they thought every honest citizen should have been doing all along.
Has Corinna Burt gassed some elderly pious Jew? Lynched any crippled black children? From what I have read she has only been victimized by porno industry, the smear artists at Rose City Anti-Fascist and the thugs in the ARA. If she stands for the life God gave her which one of you can condemn her? Reading some of the articles/comments written about her reminds me of trial that took place in Judea a couple thousand years ago. I don't see what Corinna's doing is any different than our earlier Patriots efforts to escape the Rothschild's' Bank of England from whose "debtors prisons" and "poorhouses" most of us came out of to begin our Nation - and whose bonds we have not yet broken. If Corinna is genuine in her belief, she believes like all the other patriots I know, that "Everyone has a right to defend themselves" and "Everyone has a right to a place called home." Recognizing that our current social engineers don't seem to share the same philosophy we should admire her courage to stand against this injustice! We should be pinning medals on her chest and commending her for seeking the truth and standing up for it when she finds! God help the people who criticize her doing what all honest citizens should be doing! Karl Gharst