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BP & the Oil Spill Catastrophe: How Capitalism is Wrecking the Planet July 29th 7:30pm - PSU

July 29 - Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union Room 228 - 7pm

Over two months have passed and there is yet to be any relief from the steady gush of oil destroying wildlife, coastline, jobs, and lives in the Gulf of Mexico. Following the onslaught of oil, BP execs have proven time and again that their main priority is restoring their image-and their profits-rather than the fragile environment they laid waste. Meanwhile, government officials have done little to oversee BP's "clean up" efforts or reform the corrupt Mineral Management Services.

On top of this, offshore drilling continues with business as usual and no new regulations to prevent another blow out like the Deepwater Horizon from happening again. The crisis has put a spotlight on the way that capitalism sacrifices all other concerns for the sake of the bottom line, potentially producing even greater problems such as catastrophic climate change. Come to a presentation and discussion on the socialist alternative to unconstrained ecological devastation.

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