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Lone Vet Report

A very long week for activists
keep their feet burning
keep their feet burning
Well a funny thing happened to Roberto and I on our way home from a late Council meeting on Wednesday evening. Standing next to us was Commissioner Fritz waiting for the light to change, as luck of the Irish would have it we had our autos in the same parking lot so we walked along discussing what is going on in Washington, (DC) and what the wars/occupations cost us in **Oregon and here in Portland.

Seeing the Commissioner, I was reminded of a wonderful ceremony that happened in the council a few weeks ago and I told her how impressed I was that the council would take time out to honor a teenager who was murdered because he refused to join a gang. It was something special for me because I love it when people go out of their way, beyond what is required; the council did good on that issue. The reason we were at the City Council Meeting was to listen to a report that was being presented by a private contractor. You can read the report here:


The report is 81+ pages so bring lunch if you intend to read it, (Report concerning the in-custody death of James Chasse)
I was happy to see Dan, (cop watch) and Chani, (Sisters) and others I know by face but not by name. They both gave impressive evaluation of the report and questioned why it took so long to get accomplished and why the police officers involved were not fired, they never got a satisfactory answer, just spin for the new chief and the contractor called OIR group. Roberto and I were there as a show of support and did not testify, but I did get to applaud and be yelled at by Commissioner Fish. On the way out a "staffer" asked me why I didn't just sit up front and that way I could wiggle my fingers and not be yelled at by the mayor or one of the Commissioners. I explained that I believe it is very strange that the council has a rule that you may only applaud when the authorities tell you it is ok. When someone makes a good point I want to applaud, make some noise---celebrate, let the presenter know I like what they said. We are not allowed to do that---but why? I was told they may throw me out, well I have been thrown out of many places but never from city hall. Let's see, what would be the charge? Violation of the no clapping rule--or--making too much noise at the wrong time? I know this is small potatoes,(Dan Quayle would love me) given all the stuff we are fighting for or against, but it is an annoyance and someday when I really get bored I an going to sign up to petition the Council to endorse "The clap!" Freedom!

Back to the report, it was accepted and as sure as leprechauns have buckets of gold at the end of the rainbow, the cops will behave and not beat anyone to death, shoot them in the back or shoot them when they display an "Exacto knife." The good news is that we did have people who stood up and pointed out many flaws in the report. If you read the report you get the feeling that this was a dog and pony show and OIR made some bucks and said nice things about the cops, City Council and recommended about 27 things that would be nice to do or not---up to us!

It has been a hell-of-a-week, we gave the new/old president about 50 billion more bucks to wage wars, spent money that we don't have on a report that will be sneered at by the police, and refused to pull out troops in Pakistan. We don't have troops in Pakistan, (so says the war mongers) but 38 members of congress voted to get them out---I am going nuts!

We will return to the earlman's office on the third Wednesday of August to ask him to become a real leader and preach to his colleagues about peace. We will also request a meeting, seeing now that he is bragging about voting against HR 4899 after he voted for it two, maybe three times.

Do not forget Sunday, we will be at the Peace Park on Sunday at high noon to gather our collective voices and drums to demand we sign on to the treaty dealing with cluster bombs. This is a VFP-72 endorsed event and is being led by John Bradach's sister, Lynn. This is a safe vigil and you should come. I will be there with my drum and my mocha.


See ya in the streets,

**The cost to all of Oregon is 8+ billion so far,

The cost to District 3, Blumenauer's and most of Portland:

1.7 Billion---Oh, what we could do with that money!

410,903 People Receiving Low-Income Healthcare for One Year OR
24,850 Police or Sheriff's Patrol Officers for One Year OR
27,811 Firefighters for One Year OR
231,278 Scholarships for University Students for One Year OR
309,621 Students receiving Pell Grants of $5550 OR
861,351 Children Receiving Low-Income Healthcare for One Year OR
309,820 Head Start Slots for Children for One Year OR
348,927 Households with Renewable Electricity - Solar Photovoltaic for One Year


Source URL:  http://www.nationalpriorities.org/Trade-Offs.html

I know some of you are wondering why you are getting this. If I mention you or the organization you may work with, I will send you a copy in case you want to challenge something I wrote. If you don't want to receive these reports let me know, I will take you off the list.

homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

Peace - What are you doing about it 29.Jul.2010 12:09

Proud Citizen

Hi Joe

I read a short article today that was titled

"Soldier: You support the troops? Really?"
 link to photoblog.msnbc.msn.com

When the soldier being questioned said the following, it really rang home to me (quote)

"He said, "I've had people come up to me and say 'I support the troops, I want you out of there.' Really? What have you done to support the troops? What have you done other than complain? Have you petitioned the halls of Congress? Have you written your representative? Have you asked the president to increase our pay, increase our benefits? That's supporting the troops. Saying you want the troops out of Afghanistan by talking to no one of influence is wasting your time, and you're a complainer. And you're not supporting the troops."

(end quote)

I thought of you and the other (like minded) Individuals for Justice who are doing exactly what the soldier questioned.

Thanks for what you and all (the) fellow activists are doing ... to really make this madness stop

In Solidarity for real change: Troops home Now!