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Can anyone cover this for the Portland Alliance?
Email me
-Karma Lita
July 27, 2010

Erik Sorensen, CAUSA Oregon, 503-488-0263
Eliana Machuca, Portland Jobs with Justice, 503-703-1407
National Day of Solidarity Against SB1070 to Bring Faith, Immigrant and Ethnic Communities Together in Portland

Portland, Ore--Last week, a coalition of civil rights organizations argued in federal court that Arizona's racial profiling law, known as SB 1070, should be blocked while their lawsuit against the unconstitutional measure is being litigated. The lawsuit charges that the Arizona Law interferes with federal law, invites racial profiling, and violates various constitutional guarantees including the First Amendment, equal protection, and the right to travel.

Arguments were also heard from the U.S. Department of Justice in a separate case against the State of Arizona over SB1070 (United States v. the State of Arizona and Gov. Janice K. Brewer). Attorneys with the Department of Justice likewise asked U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton to block implementation of the law going into effect on July 29th while their case is being heard.

From coast to coast immigration reform advocates will join with the faith and immigrant communities on July 29th for a Day of Solidarity against SB1070. In Portland, CAUSA will join with members of the faith, immigrant and ethnic communities for a rally in solidarity with our Latino Brothers and Sisters in Arizona.

WHEN: Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 5:00pm
Corner of NE Holladay & 13th Ave
(Near Lloyd Center)
Portland, Oregon

We will say "NO to Racial Profiling!", "No to the separation of families!" and "NO to SB1070!". We will also continue our call on President Obama and the Congress to take leadership and pass comprehensive immigration reform. We are calling on all people who want to stand against this injustice to join us at the corner of NE Holladay & 13th Ave in Downtown Portland on July 29th at 5:00pm and let their voices be heard.

With many other states considering similar laws, it's crucial that groups stand in solidarity with the people of Arizona and with all immigrants everywhere!

Organizations co-sponsoring Thursday's action include: CAUSA Oregon's Statewide Immigrant Rights Coalition, Portland Jobs with Justice, VOZ Worker Rights Education Program, American Friends Services Committee, Portland New Sanctuary Movement, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, African Women's Coalition, Portland State University MeChA, Center for Intercultural Organizing, and others.

I'll be there to cover this 28.Jul.2010 23:33

Karma Lita seditiousconspirator@yahoo.com

Still, you *must* attend!

support from racists for Arizona's law 29.Jul.2010 09:21


I bet all the white pride folks love these new Arizona laws

Those that want this Arizona law passed have to look no further than their local racist community group for support

Whit Pride, Pekerwoods, KKK, are most likely giving 100% support for all this zany racist shit