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LIVE EARTH WATER management anticipates that within 36 - 60 months of operations, LIVE EARTH WATER will generate more than $381 million in revenues and more than $237 million in profits from segments of the functional water market now occupied by inferior products placed on the market at a higher cost.
LIVE EARTH WATER has completed their product testing over the last two years and the results were overwhelming!

The new science processing, now patented, has shown that LIVE EARTH WATER surpasses bottled water currently on the market in all areas including, increased density, better and more efficient hydration, enhanced immune function and increased mental awareness to name just a few validated breakthrough results confirmed in the latest scientific testing.

As new test results confirm everyday that municipal water is not as safe as it could be. Aside from the obvious known contaminants within our municipal water supply, such as contaminated underground wells, open reservoirs, an aging delivery system and old pipes within our own homes, achieving and maintaining optimal health is, or will be the primary goal for a majority of people in major market sectors throughout the world. As individuals seek greater control in their lives, LIVE EARTH WATER is positioned to be a leader in world markets, providing functional water-based beverage products to enhance their quality of life.

Based on these facts there is tremendous opportunity to enter the "specialty" water market. This niche will experience faster growth with less well-defined competition then the general bottled water products market.

This specialty market is comprised of functional beverages, including bottled water that has been modified or has ingredients added to increase its health benefits to humans. Consumers are more aware of fitness, nutrition and the importance of hydration in their diets. More and more Americans are willing to pay more for high quality, safe, healthy and good tasting water - something western Europeans have done for years. Additionally, the US functional beverage market is over $19 billion, annually, and growing rapidly.

The market for these healthful waters includes the fast growing health conscious population (encompassing all age and cultural demographics) and members of the ballooning LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market. www.lohas.com.

Another thriving market is the sports market. Athletes, especially our younger athletes, are experiencing a noticeable increase in dehydration on the athletic field. Children and teenage athletes or sports enthusiasts, who are not as concerned with or educated about, the importance of hydration are becoming sick and/or injured on the field directly due to dehydration and not receiving the proper hydration benefits from the more traditional or easy to get "cheaper" bottled water, most of which simply do NOT provide the same benefit our young athletes need to perform their best and remain healthy, even in extreme conditions. LIVE EARTH WATER can satisfy and meet the needs that an athlete's body needs to function properly when pushed to extreme limits by delivering oxygen and nutrition to cells more efficiently and aiding in the removal of carbon monoxide, toxins and waste material.

Importantly, LIVE EARTH WATER is now able to make various FDA-allowed health label claims involving stress, energy, mental cognition, heart health, glucose release and weight management. These claims are protected through our licensed extraction and use patents.
LIVE EARTH WATER is strategically positioned to capitalize on these market trends. Due to these new patented breakthroughs, LIVE EARTH WATER now has the ability to manufacture a series of patented bottled functional waters that for the first time will truly achieve market differentiation through scientifically validated claims of modified structure that increase hydration and produce various health benefits. Utilizing pristine sources of premium natural spring water (East Coast and West Coast), we are developing a line of patented specialty waters with the following documented healthy properties:

Are absorbed by human cells better than tap water and other bottled waters available. (increased hydration)

Are Super Oxygenated with 4 times the oxygen content of tap water and stays dissolved for at least one day after the bottle is opened

Exhibit anti-oxidant and immune enhancing properties

Assist in maintaining homeostasis (reducing stress) by increasing DHEA and reducing Cortisol levels

Stimulate weight loss

Are mineral and electrolyte balanced to assist in healthy bodily functions, reducing cancer and cardiovascular disease risks

Significantly improve exercise performance and endurance by:

 Reducing lactate acid by up to 80%
 Reducing increases in heart rate by up 40%
 Reducing drops in oxygen saturation by up to 35%

The bottled water industry worldwide is growing aggressively. In North America, it is the fastest growing segment in the beverage industry, increasing 30% annually for the past three years! Bottled water consumption has tripled since 1991. It has now surpassed beer, milk and coffee to become the second best selling beverage behind soft drinks. Sales in the US for 2007 were over $15 billion, and exceeded $19 billion for 2008. It is projected that by the end of 2010, bottled water will surpass carbonated soft drinks as the best selling beverage.

LIVE EARTH WATER believes that through its state of the art manufacturing, successful strategic marketing, financing, distribution partnerships and alliances, LIVE EARTH WATER will be able to achieve rapid exposure and penetration for its markets. LIVE EARTH WATER has at least three key market differentiators: first, a series of products with truly unique and substantiated health claims, second, a successful management team with experience in the manufacture and distribution of more than a billion dollars worth of products into various distribution channels, including, mass supermarket chains, health food chains, buying club networks, network marketing companies (MLM), convenience stores and high end restaurants; and third, the continuous introduction of new products based on our foundation functional water carrier, which will expand our presence into the energy drink, supplement, tea and weight loss beverage markets.

Based on these facts, LIVE EARTH WATER management anticipates that within 36 - 60 months of operations, LIVE EARTH WATER will generate more than $381 million in revenues and more than $237 million in profits from segments of the functional water market now occupied by inferior products placed on the market at a higher cost.

Due to the positive testing results, LIVE EARTH WATER is now pushing forward with its manufacturing plants and expects to place the "state of the art" water on the market before the end of 2010.

commercial advertisement? 01.Aug.2010 11:39


Why do we have to put up with blatant commercial advertisement here? Why don't you invest your money in the society that uses the water and the systems that support that society directly, rather than enrich yourself first and any consequential benefits to society come next in priority? Don't we get enough of this kind of shit from Monsanto, or Nestle? Dump this post.