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company still refuses to pay workers a fairshare.honest work dishonest pay..
also known as bering select..west 641 ewing st in between ballard bridge and fremont bridge on south side of canal just off bike path (acrosss from f.o.s.s. marine)
company who controls 22% of the entire p-cod market of 174,000 metric tons steals pay shares from crews inorder to keep them desperate and over worked...at present,thecompany is calling the unemployment office where the worker wasusingthe faxto remind them for the umteenth time thatthey are not allowed to hire 3 shifts ofworkers then send 2 fullshifts home and have oneshift work 3 shifts of work thennot pay more money.,and telling the supervisors not to allowthe person use of phone and fax).. the company sent 13 people home kept 7 fishermen to harvest over 80,000pounds at 24-27 hours a shift with a measly 3-4 hours sleep and one meal after 12-16 hours for a week...they promised to pay a higher pay but never did and even lied onthe crew list about how many fishermen were onthe boat... this company isthe founding member ofthe freezer longliner coalition that got a marine stewardship certification that honors eco-freindly and sustainable harvesting. but the members of "freezer longline coaltion(f/v baranof and f/v courageous) kill their bycatch becuz it doesnt pay enough profit and the boats have smaller hulls 400,000 poundsso they dont want to make the space available... the fish are ripped from the hoooks whil the company claims they dont have to account (tally) thebycatch becuz they got it off the hoook before it passed the railing of the boat.. they also use a gaff and stab the "skates" mini sting ray becuz "there are plenty in ocean"
any solidarity out there??????
seattle imc is dead on arrival... w.t.o.99 sellouts failed to stop the 3rd world industrialists andthe u.s. fishing fleet who practice slave labor and unsustainable harvesting....
boycott the marine steward council of seattle for looking the other way on unsustainable longliners undermining the oceans and her bounty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!purge the f/v baranof and f/vcourageous and partners from the u.s. fishng fleet
demand n.o.a.a. investigatefor bycatch killing and industrial hygiene practicess and call the coast guard investigative unit c.g.i.s.and tell them to check the crab cooker of the baranof for oil leaks from the lift above the crab cooking tank and to check the crane arm on the right side of boat where the live tank is.. the oil filler cap onthe crane arm leaks and drips into the live tank.... this boat always sets up boat for fishing and hides the cooker tank lift during 1 year inspection

homepage: homepage: http://beringselect.com
address: address: baranofcourageous.com

Stop the Bycatch Killers 14.Apr.2011 16:24

aristokrnk anarkst boycottbartells@gmail.com

Freezer Longline Coalition Lobbied senator cantwell -murrray, congressman mcdermott, congress doc hastings and others who derail integrity of trade deal, or unsustainable harvestors getting a pass on violating by catch laws that continue to genocide fishing holes while killing 50% of all species getting it off the hook before they have to stop the fast longline crankked up to 15 minute records hauling 9 miles ... all the by catch getts pummeled...

Protest Marine Steward Council-211 Pacific st.Suite 102 seattle , wa.98103