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Boycott Umpqua Bank

A banner drop was made today opposite the Umpqua bank on 18th and Alberta street in Portland to raise awareness of the fact that the Chairman of the Board, Allyn Ford, is a timber baron of the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Oregon, USA. 27/07/2010.
Not only is Mr. Allyn C. Ford Chairman of the Board of Directors for Umpqua Bank, but he is also President of Roseburg Forest Products. According to their company history, "The company owns some 800,000 acres of timberland as well as processing plants in and around Roseburg, Dillard, and Riddle, Oregon, and in northern California."

People would like to see a boycott imposed on the bank for a number for reasons stemming from Mr. Ford's forestry company which has used methods such as clearcutting the forest combined with the use of toxic pesticides. Clearcutting or clearfelling is when all of the trees in a harvest area are cut down.

This model of deforestation employed by Roseburg Forest Products is in part responsible for the leaching of toxic pesticides into the waterways, killing fish populations and aquatic wildlife, whilst also polluting drinking water and in turn increasing landslides and releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

In the U.S. less than 5% of natural forests are left so it is crucial that new forestry practices are adopted. On a global scale, more than 40% of the world's original forests are gone. These priceless environments provide us with clean air, pure water and a liveable climate.

Ironically, the symbol for the bank is that of a pine tree.

Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates, a volunteer grassroots nonprofit organization based in Eugene Oregon, suggest alternatives for a solution aimed toward ethical forestry. These include "Ending the Federal and State Timber Sale Programs [which] would preserve native forests as living carbon sinks to buffer against climate change," and that "private land clearcutting should be replaced with selective logging practices (i.e. natural selection "Ecostry") to provide wood products and jobs, whilst maintaining forest ecosystems."

The group would like to see people send a strong message to Allyn Ford by removing any accounts they hold with the bank in order to pressure him to make a change in his business practice and to protect Cascadia's forests whilst promoting ethical forestry.

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Video of Past Action at Stumpqua 28.Jul.2010 10:22

Jim Lockhart

Stumpqua protest from August of 2004 in NW Portland. Older technology but the audio is good.