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Congressman Blumenauer stand up for peace

Protesters from Individuals for Justice and the Oregon Progressive Party demonstrated outside the office of Congressman Earl Blumenauer and delivered a petition to pressure him to sign on to bills H.R. 2404 and 3699. Portland, OR, USA, 21/07/2010.

One protester, Joe Roe held and wore a diaper with Earl and 4899 referring to the bill H.R. 4899. The bill was passed by the Senate in May and if signed by Obama would provide, "$34.7 billion to support US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq in addition to providing non-military assistance and building up State Department Operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

It also provides $24 billion to help keep teachers, police, and firefighters employed during the recession, $13 billion to Vietnam War veterans that have been exposed to Agent Orange, $2.8 billion for Haiti relief, $5.7 billion for PELL grants, $677 million to strengthen the border, $275 million for the Gulf oil spill, and $725 million to offset other needs."

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