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VIDEO: Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee Meeting 7.12.10

The monthly sidewalk sharing advisory committee meeting is open to the public every 1st Monday
This meeting was filmed on July 12 2010 in The Portland Building, (2nd Monday due to Holiday)
It is an open public meeting hosted by Commissioner Fritz office
The topics were the camping laws, arrests and citation regarding the sidewalk sharing laws, and private security, their training and their policies being used in Portland
Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting 7.12.10
Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting 7.12.10
The video is 64 minutes
 link to www.archive.org

There is an introduction from Street Roots on a new poster they are using to bring awareness about 'respect and kindness' in the realm of panhandling in "our community"

When the police give a description of the recent arrests surrounding the sidewalk law and The Lone Vet stands up and says "this is exactly what I said would happen when you all said it wouldn't!"
He leaves the meeting stating loudly "this is a waste of time"

(See Previous Report by me from when our city council voted this in here)  http://www.youtube.com/user/zebra334#p/u/29/yS50iolYVPo
(note "you will be arrested" comment at 3:30 in youtube video)

In this recent meeting new video on 7.12 there is a short description of what kind of "training the private security receive" (very little)(2 weeks) and there are questions /answers regarding Private Security. Things like them "carrying a gun and riding bikes on the streets, to how much training for the gun carry does it require (3 hours), to police uniforms that look like they are police officers?" (is that illegal?)(its not "unless" they are intending to impersonate one")(and they meet the elements)(huh)? (58:15 in the video)

This "private police training overview" presentation was from one of the trainers who is part of the program that trains security guards here in Oregon.

The meeting broke into groups near the end of the meeting, to discuss and then submit written "group concerns" about the Portland private police and the policy(s) that pertain to them.

 link to www.archive.org

This meeting is the first Monday of the month
3:30 - 5:00

June Meeting video:  http://www.archive.org/details/SharingPublicSidewalkAdvisoryMeetingPortland6.7.10

April Meeting video:  link to www.archive.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

"I'm Out Of Here." 20.Jul.2010 12:24

Lone Vet

These are a series of e-mails that went back and forth between Commissioner Fritz and myself concerning what happened after my
"Brooklyn Irish Exit."

Dear Joe,

Thank you for sending this last week. I am sorry you left the Sidewalks meeting on Monday. As Roberto perhaps told you, further information about the arrest report that upset you indicated the person stated he wanted to be arrested to test the Sidewalk Management law. So your comment, "I told you this would happen" was indeed true, because I believe all of us expect this ordinance to be challenged in the courts. I do not see that as a bad thing. A citizen has the right to perform an act of civil disobedience, and a police officer has a responsibility to take action in response.

I heard of a person using a wheelchair who asked a crowd of people to please let her through their group congregating on the sidewalk, and they not only refused, they spit on her. An individual who lives outside commented at the meeting that it is hard for him to maneuver around people lying in the middle of the sidewalk when he is walking with his 60 pound pack. Clearly there are ongoing problems with the behaviors of some citizens using the sidewalks, as well as concern about how the ordinance is enforced by police officers. The small group discussions at the meeting were inspiring in the way participants talked with and listened to each other. As usual, we ran out of time. I asked those present to think about whether to make the meetings two hours long. I am always grateful for the useful advice I hear at them.


Commissioner Amanda Fritz,

I walked out of your meeting because my blood pressure was rising so fast that I feared I would say or do something that would prove embarrassing later. Once again you and I see things very differently. The arrest of the individual was apparently a test case as Roberto was informed, it does beg the question why was a charge of** resisting arrest added to the list of charges? I have tested the ability of authorities to make arrests, it is a contradiction that one would resist something that you are testing. The reason for my "Irish" departure was I was angry that the police used all warnings in one move. The commander seemed to say a person was sitting in an area now deemed illegal and the "Well Trained" officer did the one thing that we told you would happen. "Tell a cop to screw off and you are going to jail." Mayor Adams and you would not even concede that point when it was presented over and over at the hearings. This ordinance may or may not be thrown out by a judge, but you and the rest of the city council will continue wasting our money trying to get something passed the courts. You will notice two things, one that I will no longer be present at City Hall on Wednesdays and will not attend any more of your meetings. I have come to the conclusion after forty years of fighting against injustice that our system is beyond repair. There are a few things that I have to complete in the coming weeks but for the most part I will no longer try to make a corrupt system better. Once again I wish to be wrong on this but I see a long, difficult summer for many cities and Portland is right on the top of the list. The events you report are terrible examples of bad behavior but you don't pass laws because of bad behavior, you pass laws/ordinances only when all else fails. When you can say that all people on the streets have a place to go maybe then, and only then, would you consider passing an ordinance restricting the free movement of citizens. Pretty basic stuff!

If I am sad about my early departure it is because I did want to go after the guns in the possession of the private security guards. Roberto told me that the position of the city seems to be that because of the Second Amendment, people are allowed to carry guns at will. Not so!

The city contracts to the Portland Business Alliance, who in turn sub contracts to Portland Patrol Inc. for a safe and clean downtown. There are a number of people who carry guns and the city is in a good position to tell the Business Alliance that no guns will be permitted to be carried by private security guards. They want to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, do it on their own time. The problem here is we are having difficulties controlling members of our police force from shooting people in the back, do we really want 13-20 security guards to have guns downtown? There will be some incident in the future where you will look back and say, "Wish I would have taken those guns away from those rent-a-cops." But what the hell, let's not be proactive, unless it takes away some right of a weaker group. Past history of the PPI does not fit because we, like most cities, are psychologically very tight and one or two more incidents could see the city in serious trouble.

That's all folks, good luck and hope I am wrong on all of this stuff!

Joe Walsh
** I did not see the paper work or citation, and the charge may have been "Interfering with a police officer." Something the cops throw in just to up-the-ante.

August Sidewalk Management 4.0 meeting (Town Hall) 02.Aug.2010 22:55

joe anybody

There was no meeting on 1st Monday in August (I know cause I went and the doors were closed)

The next meeting on these concerns is a Town Hall meeting on 8.17.10
at 6:30 PM

Amanda Fritz office is a possible contact (?)

It's another Political fad. 11.Aug.2011 19:11


This is not a city where you can hide anymore. There is so much wrong that it's too much to cover. We must tend our garden here at home before we rush off to other places and tend theirs. Also, just because Seattle has developed speed traps on every corner, doesn't make it a wise idea, or make our streets safer. just alot more paranoid drivers and accidents. If you come in on a train, expect to be I.D.ed almost immediately. Especially if you are a travelling young person. Don't even think about hooking up through panhandling. They have programs for you here...The program..It remains to be seen if I get what I want from this Sidewalk Sharing plan. Winter time will tell. I feel the heat. When I drive, I get tickets now from Photoshot camera's staked out at speed traps. This is my problem. But, I feel it is part of a larger trend to put sin taxes on us. Now it is a sin to drive in Portland. Look at the evidence. I have been driving for 37 plus years, and in the last week, I have had two speeding tickets. Both within a mile and a half from my residence. If this seems like piling on to you. I am sure I am not the only one who resents this kind of pavlovian, and unjust, social engineering. I get it, drive slower. But, I got these two tickets so fast that I barely had a chance to adjust my suddenly speed racer driving habits before the second ticket came in the mail. No, you can't hide here anymore from anything. Everybody has license to get into your business...How nice... I Wonder if I just refuse to pay, if they will come and take my car,and really suspend my license to drive. What personal power we freely give away to these fools..