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Troktiko Controversial Greek blog administrator is assassinated

BREAKING NEWS - The administrator of the most popular political and social blog in Greece, "Troktiko" - the Rodent - was assassinated after being shot with 20 bullets.
Known for its controversial political articles, stigmatizing the former, right wing government of New Democracy, Troktiko became the most popular, Greek-owned destination in Greece. With an Alexa ranking of 869 globally, Troktiko.blogspot.com surpassed many international web sites in traffic.

The administrator of Troktiko, journalist writer and radio producer Socrates Giolias aged 37, was executed with a barrage of bullets, outside his residence around 5:20am local time today, in Ilioupolis - a suburb of Athens, in Greece.

According to his wife, who gave a shocking testimony to police, several individuals, dressed up and posing as security personnel rang their home doorbell to inform him that his car was being stolen; as soon as he followed them he was gunned down. The individuals escaped in a Honda Civic which was later found burned up.

Due to the constant flow of information regarding past and present political and financial scandals in Greece, Troktiko acquired a huge followship of readers but also apparently made enemies in the dark areas of anarchists and leftists that are known to be in direct contact with common criminals in Greece.

In comparison, in 2002, a long standing marxist organization, November 17th, was disbanded in Greece after almost 30 years of active pillaging, murders of American and Greek officials and other acts of terrorism. Upon their arrest, the gang of perpetrators were found to be common thieves and criminals utilizing their leftist political agenda as a facade, all while maintaining bank accounts with millions of euros. Since then, smaller terrorist factions belonging to the same ideological groups have attempted to fill the void left behind by November 17th, with minimal success.

Today is a sad day for journalism and for law and order in Greece. Our deep condolences to the family of Socrates Giolias who lost his life in such an unfair and untimely manner.

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