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Zionist Jewish Soft Coup of America: How Many Americans Are Aware?

It never ceases to amaze me how many Americans are not aware of the soft coup of their country by Zionist Jewish Americans aka Israeli-Americans.
Zionist Jewish Soft Coup of America: How Many Americans Are Aware?

By Christian T. Ruth

July 18, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how many Americans are not aware of the soft coup of their country by Zionist Jewish Americans aka Israeli-Americans.

Note: All Jews with a Jewish mother can automatically become an Israeli citizen if they want to, just by going over to Israel and asking to be. Yet, they can still be an American citizens, even if they serve in the Israeli government or military. It used to be that any American citizen who went to a foreign country and served in a foreign country's government or military or even voted in a foreign election automatically had their American citizenship revoked. Then American Jews changed American citizenship law based on a case back in the 1980s.

This is just one of the myriad of ways in which Zionist Jews have taken over the United States of America, and it goes basically unnoticed by most Americans. And many Americans have been so propagandized by Jewish rhetoric and the Jewish belief system as put forth in "our" news, which is dominated by Jews (internet-search the recent article by Joel Stein of the LA Times, for example) and this Zionist Jewish belief system is supported by "our" government (in which Jews are overrepresented and non-Jewish politicians are bought off and/or intimidated by Jewish political action groups and Jewish individuals with very deep pockets). The Zionist Jewish belief system is supported even by most of "our" churches who have also been infiltrated by Jews one way or another, even in broad daylight by those pretending to be "converts" when in actuality they are on a mission to openly spy on the churches in order to control the discourse, and to convert Christians to comply with what Jews want them to comply with, such as adoration of Jews and support for Israel. Oh yes, I've seen it firsthand—even in a Roman Catholic church! I personally witnessed, in a Catholic church, a group of Jews who sat in front of me (confirmed by another church attendee that she had heard a group of Jews had "joined" the parish) giggling as the priest talked glowingly about how he attended a Jewish traditional dinner of seder on Passover at his Jewish friends' house, as he told us in detail, during his sermon on Easter Sunday of 2002, which was just after the Israelis massacred thousands of Palestinians and leveled entire blocks in the Palestinian city of Jenin! I'm sure these Jewish "converts" sitting in front of me were giggling in delight at their success in manipulating this priest to serve the Jewish agenda, which is, in general, placing Jews on a special pedestal while overlooking their sins and crimes against humanity even while they are happening in the present time in Palestine-Israel. Many assume that only the evangelical churches are big supporters of all things Jewish including the terrorist state of Israel, but even Roman Catholics are sometimes led astray, to support racist Jews, and thereby become enablers and racists themselves.

One often wonders, how can a "tiny minority" take over the United States?

Well, they are not such a "tiny minority" when one takes into account that all Jews consider themselves a nation amongst themselves no matter where they are, and they are able to help each other at the highest levels of powerful society in the Western World. Their nationalistic tendencies became a physical spot on the map as in "Israel" "the Jewish state" or as many in the Arab world prefer to call, "the Zionist entity", on stolen Palestinian land, which culminated in 1948, when due to Jewish power, even back then, using their vast network of political and financial power, used the UN, which the Jewish power configuration played a huge role in creating, recognized Israel as a "nation", even though that meant condoning Jewish theft of Arab land while killing off the indigenous non-Jewish natives with impunity, something which is still happening to this day, using our US tax dollars. The fact that Jews have been wiping Palestine off the map slowly but surely is overlooked and in fact enabled by the leading powers that be in this world, including the USA.

Jews in the diaspora make up perhaps the most powerful elite in the world. They dominate the financial worlds in the Western World, which was accomplished centuries ago by the Rothschild family and other Jewish banking families. With this immense financial backing, the Jews have been able to buy up almost all of the media in the Western World, a process which is still on-going with their latest acquisition of most of the German media and also most of the Hispanic media. Zionist Jews bought up the New York Times ages ago. Zionist Jews also control and manipulate wikipedia and even Google, as Zionist Jews founded these media outlets, and their political agenda is apparent, to anyone who is paying attention.

As many people must realize, it's the philosophy of It's The Gold That Rules, not The Golden Rules ("Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.") that dominates the Jewish mindset in the world of finance, politics and media, and just in general. Unfortunately, many people who call themselves Christians also adhere to "It's The Gold That Rules" as well, so they are in step with Zionist Jews out of necessity (because if they try to go against the Zionist Jews, they may lose their jobs) or simply because they willfully worship mammon, which is quite common in our materialistic society.

It is common for those of the Jewish mindset, unfortunately, to think in terms of "We're OK, You're Not OK" and "It's Us Against Them". It's evident in the Jewish narrative in the Old Testament and the fact that most Jewish holidays can be summed up as " We had a war, we won, let's eat". Many non-Jews just follow the lead of the Zionist Jews, which is how the Zionist Jews like it.

For anyone to think that Judaism is a religion is absurd, unless you think that it's OK for someone to have a God that favors only one race of people, such as the Jews, as The Chosen. Where did this self-serving idea come from? Surprise! It came from the Old Testament, aka, the Hebrew Bible, or aka the Jewish Bible. Who wrote the Old Testament? Surprise! Jewish men did. In other words, the writings of the Jewish Bible are nothing more than 2000 year old propaganda used to serve the Jewish tribe's ambitions.

Judaism is basically about race worship--- the Jewish race.

This hardly fits into most people's concept of what a religion is.

One cannot just become a Jew. One's mother must be Jewish in order to become a real Jew. Even in the Jewish state of Israel, you must have a Jewish mother in order to become an automatic citizen of Israel, except in rare cases, perhaps. However, all non-Jews are encouraged by Jews to think like a Zionist Jew, or else. Unfortunately, even if Palestinian non-Jews wanted to "convert" to being Jewish (but how can you do that, if you have to have a Jewish mother to be considered a real Jew?), the real Jews, by birth, would still want all of Palestine for an ethnically Jewish state, on stolen, ethnically-cleansed land. The Jewish spy agency, the Mossad, seeks "sayanim" (plural), Jewish helpers around the world to spy on non-Jews whereever they live. In order to be a "sayan" (singular), one must have both a Jewish mother and a Jewish father, in order to qualify.

Why is it that many Christians fall into the trap of believing 2000 year old Jewish propaganda?

I just think that many Christians are complete phonies and just want to do what is easiest. It's easier to go with the flow, and the Zionist Jews are pushing the flow of the tide because they have, by stealth and deception, managed to take control of most of the forces that have the power to control the flow—the flow of money and the flow of ideas and the flow of laws that enforce their particular belief system. To even discuss any of this publicly is basically taboo, even in this so-called "democratic" country of the USA with its so-called "freedom of speech". This truly shows you who has the real power in this country. People in other "democratic" countries in the Western World are actually put in jail for publically contradicting the Jewish version of what happened to Jews under the Nazi occupation during WWII in Europe, known as "The Holocaust".

I am a Christian American. I have somehow managed to escape, so far, having my mind enslaved by Jewish thought. How did that happen? Perhaps it's because my mother never let me watch TV. Perhaps it's because my mother always encouraged me to be an independent thinker and not do what everyone else did. She often said to me, "If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?" Of course, I replied: "No."

When I was attending the Catholic Church on a regular basis, it was still in Latin. It was not as politicized and Zionized as it is today.

I didn't read the newspapers much until later in life. But when it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, one never learns much about it anyway in the mainsteam newspapers. It's mostly just little tidbits on the back pages.

Still, I am amazed at how many Americans do not recognize the fact that this country has been taken over in a soft coup by Zionist Jews.

Let's face it. There are many Jews who may even feel like I do about the evils of Zionism and Israel, some of whom even call themselves anti-Zionist and are self-exiled from Israel (www.gilad.co.uk < http://www.gilad.co.uk/> ) but they are not currently the ones in power. The Jews who criticize Zionism and Zionist Israel and other Zionist Jewish holy cows will face persecution every bit as much as someone like me for speaking out against Zionism and the Jewish state of Israel, both of which should be completely delegitimized, just like Nazism and Nazi Germany have been, in my opinion.

But as a result of the soft coup of America by Zionist Jews, unfortunately most Americans have unwittingly gone along with the Zionist agenda and their "war on terror", a racist, imperialistic war on the Arab and Muslim countries. There is very little public debate about issues that are sensitive to Zionist Jews, or that contradict Zionist Jews' beliefs. Any public discussion about Zionism is stifled almost completely. Therefore the irony is that most Americans don't even know what Zionism is. Just try going around and asking your fellow American citizens what Zionism is. Most of them don't even have a clue.

My definition of Zionism is as follows:

Zionism is a racist Jewish nationalist movement that was founded by Austrian Jew Theodore Hertzl in the late 1890s, which called for creating a Jewish state on Palestinian land. The Zionist Jews therefore terrorized and chased over 800,000 non-Jewish Palestinians from their ancestral homeland of Palestine, inflicting continuous massacres and mayhem on Palestinians, in the years leading up to the creation of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948. This systematic ethnic-cleansing and slow genocide campaign by Zionist Jews against non-Jewish Palestinians for a Jewish supremacist state is still on-going to this day, enabled by the US government which funnels billions of US tax dollars to Israel every year.

That's it in a nutshell.

Most Americans are not fully aware of any of the above. There are so many myths out there, many of them supported by the Old Testament from which readings are read every Sunday, even in the Catholic church. Have you ever read the Deutoronomy in the Bible? It's all about how God told the Israelites that they can plunder others' cities, orchards, etc., because he favors them above all. How violently racist is that? I say DUMP the Old Testament. It should be completely delegitimized, like Zionism, since it apparently justifies Zionism. One could even say, the Old Testament has planted the seeds of Zionism, a violently racist ideology. Down with it!

If you listen to what upsets most Americans most, it seems to be, "the Mexican invasion" aka "the immigration problem" and the proposed "communist", "socialist" universal healthcare system.

You can even talk to some of them until you are blue in the face about the soft coup by Zionist Jews, but many of them simply cannot comprehend this. Although some of them do understand and are outraged, and so I do not give up trying to share what I have learned with my fellow Americans.

As for my opinion about "the Mexican invasion" or "immigration problem", it is merely this:

We have immigration laws and they must be obeyed. Mexicans have a big, beautiful country called Mexico. If they cannot legally come into the United States of America, they should stay in Mexico and do what they can to change the things about Mexico that they do not like.

As for my opinion about universal healthcare:

I most definitely think that Americans deserve universal healthcare. Instead of our taxes being funneled by the billions via our government to racist, apartheid Israel and to the unjust, unfounded "war on terror", another construct of Zionist Jews and their power hungry collaborators, our taxes should be benefiting the American people as in universal healthcare. Every other modern Western World country has it. If there are some Americans who prefer to use a private doctor at times, then they will be allowed to do so. But Americans should not cut off their noses to spite their faces. Some Americans are so incensed at having to contribute to another's healthcare, via taxes, that they'd rather deny universal healthcare for themselves, too! I have a cousin like that. She has no healthcare because she can't afford it, yet she doesn't support universal healthcare and she's all up in arms about the "immigration problem", which the news media feeds into. I never hear her bitterly complain about the billions of dollars that our government sends to Israel, or the trillions our government spends on the immoral, imperialistic "war on terror' in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

I blame the Jewish controlled US media for many of my fellow Americans' muddled "thinking". And to a lesser degree, I blame many of my fellow Americans for being too lazy and perhaps even cowardly with regards to seeking out the Truth about these matters. But many Americans simply believe whatever the US politicians say and whatever they see on TV and whatever they read in the newspapers. It's a very bad and dangerous habit!

What is the solution to all of this?

First of all, we need to have Affirmative Action in our media—break up the monopolies and not have an over-representation of any one ethnic group. And after all, isn't this a democracy, where the majority rules? Why is a racist minority like Zionist Jews having its will imposed upon us? They do it through the media, for one thing.

Also, we should break up the monopoly the Federal Reserve has on our financial system. Many people do not realize that the Federal Reserve is not a government-owned/controlled entity. It is not even a public company. It is a private company owned and run by primarily by international Jewish banking families. Not good! They have an agenda which serves their personal and tribal ethnic interests above all others. We must break that up and demand transparency and equality for all. Affirmative Action is obviously needed there too.

Also, we need to make sure that there are laws in place that do not allow conflict of interests with regards to politicians and corporations. The fact is that many of our politicians, especially the ones continually gunning for "the war on terror", are actually war-time profiteers, who are making themselves rich on continuous wars, since they and their spouses are heavily vested in companies that are part of the Military Industrial Complex, companies that manufacture military weapons and companies who rebuild what the military has destroyed in targeted countries, who often have resources the US and Israel want to exploit, such as oil.

Also, we need to restore our citizenship laws to what they were before Zionist Jews changed them to benefit Israel. Once again, it should be that ANY American who serves in a foreign government or military or even votes in a foreign election AUTOMATICALLY revokes his or her American citizenship.

Finally, there must be no double standards with regards to international law and nuclear weapons. The United States of America and Israel need to abide by International Law and UN Resolutions, like other countries are expected to. If the USA and Israel don't want Iran to have nuclear power or weapons, then the USA and Israel shouldn't have nuclear power or weapons. After all, Iran has signed on to the Non-Proliferating Nuclear Agreement, but Israel has not, nor has the USA. Israel has over 250 nuclear weapons but with the help of the Jewish controlled media here in the US, maintains its status as "nuclear ambiguity". Who else could come up with that but Zionist Jews and they expect to be taken "seriously"?

I also believe that the world must continue to pressure the racist, apartheid state of Israel to completely transform from a Zionist Jewish supremacist state of Israel to a truly democratic country re-named Palestine-Israel, or just Palestine, where all people who live there would be citizens with completely equal rights regardless of religion, race, ethnicity and gender, including all the Palestinian refugees who must be allowed their inalienable Right to Return to their ancestral homeland, as it is their right according to UN Resolutions, International Law and the majority of world opinion. Jews who already live in Israel who do not peacefully and willingly agree to the new truly democratic laws, nor peacefully acknowledge the fact that there is to be no more "Jewish state" on Palestinian soil, will be helped by the Jewish philanthropists in the diaspora to relocate Jews to where ever their families and friends are elsewhere in the world. Many Jews in Israel already have one or two homes to return to outside of Palestine-Israel. There will be no dual citizenship allowed. An international peace-keeping army will oversee the process. Everyone who is a citizen of Palestine-Israel will be required to give up their arms. Palestine-Israel will become a neutral country, much like Switzerland is.

If Jews from around the world want to visit Jerusalem, that is fine, but they must go back home to whereever they came from elsewhere in the world, just like the Muslims who make their pilgrimage to Mecca, then they go home, and the Roman Catholics who visit the Vatican, then they go home. And Christians from around the world who visit Jerusalem and the Holy Land, they also return home.

No one has the right to return to Palestine-Israel as a citizen except for the Palestinian refugees who now number approximately 4 million in the diaspora. Jews who try make the claim that they can "return" as citizens based on the Old Testament of the Bible, a 2000 year old work of propaganda by Jewish men, will not be allowed to "return" to Israel, except as tourists on a limited visa. There is no real way for them to "prove" in any way, scientifically or logically, that they should be able to just go and steal land from the indigenous people who live there or keep land stolen by Jews since around 1948. That land must be returned to its rightful Palesitnian owners, and with reparations, too. Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians around the world, and especially in the USA, will be required to undergo Truth and Reconciliation training and rehabilitation, so that they may once again, become a part of the family of humanity of whom all are considered God's children and all are to be treated fairly and equally before the law, with no double standards allowed.

To wrap it up, I hope my fellow Americans who have seen the light of Truth, will not give up on our propagandized fellow Americans. We have our work cut out for us, to help make the world a better place for all.