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Fresh WP Stickers on SE Belmont & 34th

Spotted two fresh White Power/National Alliance stickers late last night in Belmont & 34th area. I took care of them, but I'm running low on RCA stickers now.
I spotted these two new White Power/National Alliance stickers in around SE Belmont & 34th just last night. I know there were just put there. One is on the back of a street sign in front of the Side St. bar, the other on a bus stop (#422) at SE 34th & Belmont. Thankfully, I took care of them. But I'm running low on stickers & I don't know how many more [new WP ones] might be out there, being as some nazi coward made a fresh run of them last night. Plus, the Belmont/Hawthorne area has been repeatedly targeted by late-night nazi vandalism before & is definitely a current problem. If anyone has any spare RCA stickers or atleast knows where i can get more, email me please.

homepage: homepage: http://www.facebook.com/targetingcops187

RCA stickers 22.Jul.2010 12:53


I'm sure you can get some stickers at the Anti-Racist Action Network conference this weekend.