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Callout to Seattle area for Court Solidarity!

"Two folks who were arrested in connection to this incident: ( http://anarchistnews.org/?q=node/11737) are now being formally charged for Class C Felony level Malicious Mischief. On Wednesday, July 21st at 8 AM we will be meeting outside of the King County Courthouse for court room solidarity. King County Courthouse is located at 516 3rd Ave, and the arraignment will be in court room E1201.
Thanks to everyone who came out for the initial investigation, spread the word, made/dumpstered food, cleaned up, let them borrow bail money ( the returned bail is being issued as a check and mailed to the person who formally posted it, so it will be a little bit of a process to return it, but it will be returned hopefully by the end of the month), covered shifts, or offered help or solidarity a number of ways that might be unrecognized. It is really inspiring to watch our community mobilize so quickly. I hope we are also able to engage in emotional solidarity with each other, finding ways to process and engage with stress so that we can keep this kind of support sustainable."