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Some of the beginning of KBOO's problems

The problems at kboo didn't happen in a void. They began in many ways because virtually everyone looked the other way and maintained a code of silence. I suppose to maintain this code, it was necessary to shoot the messenger. Please read this letter, it will tell you a lot.
The following post is a SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2009 letter I sent to the largest kboo listserve I was on. Before reading, it's important to know that kboo has zero methods of accountability, and so I did the only thing I could do, which was to speak out/reach out to the "community" via the listserve. Important to know is that I had tried to establish a station-wide listserve in which to discuss/decide kboo business.....but the person who I was whistle-blowing about, Ani Haines, blocked that listserve from being developed. I have included my letter to the kboo volunteers, plus the nasty response from the exact same person who now has posted info on the kboo website about Alan Graf's letter.

This cruelty, by the people at kboo is where the problems all began, and where it will all end, if it ever does.


ok Yvette - this is a news listserv, please take your situation to a more appropriate arena.

fuck me in the ass, jesus christ I'm sick of this shit already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 5:33 PM, <Yvette Maranowski> wrote:

I was busy for several days and found this discussion today.

Has everyone lost their minds?

Is everyone forgetting that in a year and a half, there has been zero investigation on this? Does that mean anything to anyone?

Does anyone think that zero investigation, in a year and a half, looks at all suspicious?

Did it occur to anyone that the reason why a real investigation never happened is because that would make it official that SH occured, I reported it, and kboo ignored it repeatedly (breaking the civil rights act)?

Does everyone go around thinking that individuals just randomly make up epic stories for no reason? Did it occur to anyone that thinking this way about others may mean that you've got paranoid delusions?

Does everyone go around thinking that in a case of SH, the odds are suddenly against the fact that the man did it (or that the man did it at kboo)? That the odds point to the likelihood that the woman made it up (does this sound like thinking from 100+ years ago?)? I mean, why even have SH laws if there's no such a thing as SH in your minds? Are you guys this victim-blaming and misogynist????!!! Are you this afraid to fess up to the facts and move on?

Has anyone told me an accessible way to resolve this before they got mad at me for having no choice but to go to the source to resolve this?

Did anyone suddenly forget that exposure has always been one of the most powerful antidotes to miscarriages of justice?

Did it occur to anyone that kboo's policies on accountability are grossly lacking?

Does anyone realize that you all are using the news and pa listserv to organize and problem solve--which is exactly what I've been trying to do all along--but that you're getting mad at me for it and not yourselves and that there might be something wrong with this split?

Does anyone realize that having a listserv, such as a large operator-wide listserv, is a valuable tool to take care of our business so that problems like we have now are not allowed to occur?

Did it occur to anyone that I have been working on getting such a listserv at kboo, but it was Ani, the woman at the center of this whole SH thing, who prevented the listserv from getting off the ground? (And giving credit where credit's due, Jenka worked toward creating such a listserv and I thank her.)

Did it occur to anyone that perhaps the reason why the listserv was thwarted was because it would empower us all and create accountability, and that maybe there was a connection between that and the reason why I was banished?

Does anyone even know why I was banished, aside from whatever gossip is going around? Has there been an investigation of why I was banished, including how it was done? Does anyone have the right to judge the merits if they've seen nothing but gossip?

Does anyone think there might be something wrong with the fact that whenever I ask the board president serious questions about accountability....she blows it off (is unaccountable)?

Does anyone realize that when the policy keepers are rotten from the top-down and the inside-out, that we all have a serious problem on our hands, and that if we don't like what we're seeing, we (you and me) had better get busy?

Does anyone realize that Patrick's suggestion that Ani help to reconcile this shows exactly how in the dark a person can be while at kboo, as Ani is the one who refuses to even follow federal law?

Oh yeah, does anyone think that (the SH perpetrater) will be able to get any kind of injunctive relief when the burden of proof lies on him, and he could never in a million years prove that I am wrong in naming him as the perp????

Does anyone realize what bad judgement they are making by calling this crap a "tiff," when they know darned well that no investigation has ever occured, and that by being so disrespectful, they are pointing to themselves as part of a very foolhardy and dismissive culture that we have created at kboo?

Thanks all, for the solidarity, collaboration, real conversations, faith, support of kboo's mission, trust in each other, holding feet to the fire, grassroots power, being strong, community building, etc. Great job, I'm really impressed.