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Earth First! Journal Roadshow in Portland 7/20 and Eugene 7/21

Rolling into town, the Earth First! Journal Roadshow will feature "Earth Nightly News," information about the international Earth First! ecodefense movement, the 30th Anniversary edition of the Earth First! Journal, and more!
In Eugene:

Earth First! Journal Roadshow Wednesday July 21 at the Lorax (1648 Alder) at 8 pm

With ecological disasters mounting up, independent news coverage provides the needed critique of those responsible for destroying our planet and the tools we can use to slow down the machine! Come out and hear the nightly news brought to you by members of the Earth First! Journal Collective.

The show is free but donations are appreciated.

(Not sure where the Portland show will be. Maybe the Red & Black?)

homepage: homepage: http://earthfirstroadshow.wordpress.com
phone: phone: 520-450-3770

SHOW CANCELED! 19.Jul.2010 19:24


their bus broke down in wa. show canceled.