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Deep Horizon Gusher is Stopped

F is for finally
New Boss like the Old Boss (The Sign Missing a few Others)
New Boss like the Old Boss (The Sign Missing a few Others)
The clean up has yet to start. Remedy may never be achieved. Did you or the government learn anything from this.
I hope so. An awful reality of the need to regulate and tax the multinational. The GOV needs to hire tree huggers
to regulate the tree F-ers and so on. Balance may never need to be achieved; but to hire the fox to watch the chickens is killing us all in the long run.

Write letters to the oil companies as they are no different than BP. I bet they use the same deep water contractors.

closure 15.Jul.2010 21:17


BP says oil has stopped leaking

BP says it has temporarily stopped oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from its leaking well.

It is the first time the flow has stopped since an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig on 20 April.
US Oil Spill

* Damage assessment
* Which way forward for BP?
* Ways BP has tried to stop the leak
* BP facing 7-year US offshore ban

The well has been sealed with a cap as part of a test of its integrity that could last up to 48 hours.

US President Barack Obama said the development was a "positive sign" but noted that BP was still in the testing phase.

BP executive Kent Wells said the oil had been stopped at 1425 local time (1925 GMT) and he was "excited" by the progress.

"It is very good to see no oil go into the Gulf of Mexico," said Mr Wells.

BP shares rose in New York trading on Thursday after the flow was stopped, having already performed well over the day.

But BP is stressing that even if no oil escapes for 48 hours, that will

Fear Change 17.Jul.2010 01:16

Fuck assholes

Nice image assholes.
To put Lenin with Hitler is fucking bullshit.
Say what you will of the outcome of the Soviet Union but to piss on the idea of change, or peoples hope in it and compare it to Hitler is...

Then the Obama image. Clearly this is some right wing shenanigan...Or do we all here believe Obama is some sort of socialist? Seriously, does no one here have a problem with this? When did Lenin become Hitler? I mean certainly, I expect this from KATU, but indymedia. And oil...wtf. I mean sure, Obama hasn't done shit about anything, except of course expand the front to Pakistan, but comparing him to either Hitler (on the right) or Lenin (on the left) is just fucking propaganda.

Christ, why do I have to look at this?

I dunno, maybe I didn't take my pills today but that really irked me.