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Coffee Strong - Now with gift cards!

Coffee Strong is a GI Rights coffeehouse and gathering space in Lakewood, just opposite the Madigan gate to JBLM (Jay Blam). They host music and movie events and have been going for about two years now. Well, they just made it easier to help them with their mission AND help you with your gift needs, especially with friends from out of town who need an excuse to show up and visit you. Coffee Strong now sells gift cards.
Yeah, I know... you're thinking that surely having yet another gift card stuffing your wallet would be excessive. But wait, you don't have to stick it away in your pocket, or your purse. You can slip that puppy in an ID pin or lanyard ID holder, and have the most noteworthy conversation piece short of an actual CS tee shirt. The gift card advertises the web site, too - so your friends will know just where to go to get their own! They come in $5 or more amounts, are refillable, and can be used for years to come.

I have to admit, I am stoked to be the first kid in Olympia with my own CS gift card. My partner just started volunteering there, and she bought one for me. Get yours soon, they need to raise a few bucks to help with the 10,000 soldiers returning to JBLM from three deployments this Summer.

Support can also take the form of health and mental health services appropriate for soldiers and their families, so if you know someone who offers services which might help a young family or soldier cope, you can contact Coffee Strong and get plugged in. Volunteers don't have to make coffee - they have plenty of other ways to help.

Coffee Strong provides:

* Confidential, free GI rights counseling services.
* A link between soldiers and mental health professionals.
* A spotlight to mistreatment of prisoners at Fort Lewis. Coffee Strong influenced officials to change policy on the treatment of incarcerated soldiers.
* Community building events, giving soldiers and their families an opportunity to get off base and relax. We host free concerts and movie nights, speakers and discussions, and many other activities.
* Meeting space for organizations.


Phone: 253-581-1565
Address: Coffee Strong, P.O. Box 99404, Lakewood, WA 98496
Email:  contact@coffeestrong.org,  media@coffeestrong.org


Iraq Veterans Against the War 15.Jul.2010 17:06


For solidarity in PDX, See also:  http://www.ivaw-oregon.us/

I love Coffee Strong 18.Jul.2010 12:18


Always stop there for coffee when traveling along I-5. They have a great place with tons of good books and information for soldiers and civilians alike.