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Help Preserve Public Access in Dayton and Across the Nation

In 2007 many States, including Ohio, passed laws that have severely damaged
Public, Educational and Government access channels around the nation. Upon
seeing the effects of these statewide franchises numerous United States
Congressmen are supporting the idea of the federal government investigating
and changing the damage that has been done.
Voice Your Support For The
"Community Access Preservation Act" HR 3745 (The CAP Act)

DATV inb Dayton Ohin needs your help to let Congress know that PEG access
is important to you and that you wish the Federal government to pass laws
that will help preserve access channels in your community.

We urge you to contact you United States Representatives and Senators and
tell them that you want them to support the "CAP Act" that has been
introduced to Congress by Wisconsin Congresswomen Tammy Baldwin.

The "CAP Act" as introduced would;

Allow PEG fees to be used for any PEG-related purposes; Require PEG
channels to be carried in the same manner as local broadcast channels;

Require the FCC to study the effect state video franchise laws have had on
PEG channels, and require operators to provide the greater of the support
required under state laws, or the support historically provided for PEG;
Make cable television-related laws and regulations applicable to all
landline video providers.

Although the Bill, supported by the Alliance For Community Media (
 http://www.alliancecm.org ), in its current form does not solve all
problems associated with the preservation of PEG Access, it is a welcome
move in the right direction and if enacted would greatly enhance the
viability of existing PEG Access Channels.

For a list of your U.S. Representatives

For more information on the CAP Act, what it is and how you can help get it
passed, visit the Alliance for Community Media site at

Thanks to Dayton Access Television (DATV -  http://www.datv.org ) for their
helping to lead the effort to preserve and strengthen community media and
the ability for citizens to exercise freedom of voice in their local

Thank you for your support!

Pass it on...
UnCommon Sense TV Media

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