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Why Mass Transit Should Be Free

Even from a ruthlessly economic standpoint, it makes sense for mass transit to be publicly subsidized; here's why.
In terms of doing good for anybody, mass transit is incredibly better than private vehicles for transportation. If mass transit was free and effective then suddenly lots of people riding it would make huge drop in traffic, pollution with it and car accidents.

However, if you look at this fiscally it still makes sense. Many people injured in car accidents, and the same people at increased risk from cancer from benzene (in gasoline fumes), which is everyone in the city are on public health options, so we are paying their health care. If we were paying for mass transit available to everyone, then we wouldn't have so many people getting sick or hit by cars.

However, I don't think that way at all. I was just thinking that people matter enough that we should care about the pollution and car accident problem for the sake of our families and friends.

Even if the cost of a bus transfer was cut in half this would increase ridership, I predict, SO MUCH that the system would become solvent (pay for itself). The transit system was very good until it was 'remodelled' for millions and cut back and the fare increased. Who sabotaged it for a few bucks? did they think about how much it was going to mess up everyone else's lives?