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LEGAL ADVICE NEEDED!!! We had so much hope as we have worked so hard to resurrect this publication. We had so much faith in moving forward to establish the Alliance as a collective. Why have some who identify with the anarchist movement moved to re-create this publication as authoritarian corporation?
We have lost eight volunteers over the past month because of this circus masquerading as the Portland Alliance Board of Directors. If you have organized in the past with Board Chair MARKO LAMSON, or Board members SYLCIA EVANS and JIM LOCKHART, and if you do not support the takeover of this publication, please urge them to sit down at the table with us, WE, who actually do the work and dedicate countless hours to get this paper out to our supporters and sustainers.

Please note that Board member MIKE DEE is a dissenting member who stands in solidarity with the Editorial Collective.

~Karma Lita, the Portland Alliance Editorial Collective
To those concerned about the Alliance,

Last week on Tuesday, Portland Alliance Board member SYLVIA EVANS instructed Portland Alliance Board Chair MARKO LAMSON and Board member JIM LOCKHART that from that day forward The Portland Alliance would be run by "top down management," The next day, Wednesday, the locks were changed and only Syliva,
Marko, and Mike Dee currently have keys. It was announced at the Editorial Collective Committee meeting
that Sylvia, Markos, and Jim had decided for the rest of the board that the paper would not publish next month.

This decision violates our written contracts with advertisers and betrays the trust of our supporters, donors, and subscribers. The Editorial Committee recommended that the full board honor our commitments and reconsider this precipitous move. All editorial collective and distribution collective members are prohibited from having keys and their access is limited to the convenience of any board member who may
or may not choose to make themselves available. This "top down management" directly contradicts the
bylaws of this nonprofit.

The office has been locked now for seven days. Much production time has been lost. There will be a meeting at the Alliance this evening at 6:30. (Writers' Workshop) Please attend. The effective denial of access to the production staff, the bookkeeper, and the editorial and distribution collectives does not seen appropriate. This may reverse the progress we have made in the past two months. If this situation persists, it may be prudent to bring in union
organizers and local community activists.

Since the doors were locked:

* During the past week, at least five writers have been unable to use our computer resources to write
for the Alliance. Just this morning, two writers were unable to get in to work on current submissions.
* The bookkeeper has been unable to invoice advertisers or subscribers. This is not helpful.
* The editorial committee staff has been unable to work on the layout of the August Issue of the Alliance.
* It has been very difficult to access our mail and communicate with vendors, subscribers, donors,
and process submissions to the Alliance. Nobody on staff can answer the phone.

I regret that this situation has presented itself and I will do all I can to expedite and facilitate the next issue.

It would seem prudent that the distribution committee (which currently provides the bulk of our funding) be provided access to the office. It would seem prudent that the various volunteer editors, copy editors, and layout personnel (those who do the work) be provided access to the office. Hopefully the top-down directive will be nullified by the full board and a model more appropriate to our status as a collective can prevail.

In solidarity and with best regards,
Tim Flanagan
editorial consultant

Post Script: I am sitting in MOJO's across the street from the locked office.
I let Mike Dee know last night we needed access between 7am and 9am...
to do invoicing and layout. It is now noon, and the office remains locked.
Hopefully at 3pm the office will be open for the Financial committee meeting.
(unfortunately only two of three members of that committee have office access)
As a dedicated volunteer, I would like to get inside and get to work.

-- on behalf of the NAAME Editorial Collective Committee of The Portland Alliance
2708 SE Stark Street
Portland, Oregon 97214

Editorial Committee:  editor@theportlandalliance.org
Internal Communications:  theportlandalliance@gmail.com
We would ALL like to get back to work!! We are losing supporters, volunteers and subscribers. I invite you to attend all Portland Alliance public meetings. Tonight's meeting begins at 6:30. The next Board meeting is next Tuesday at the Alliance office at 28th & SE Stark.

time for next Board meeting 14.Jul.2010 13:34

Karma Lita seditiousconspirator@yahoo.com

Next Tuesday's Board meeting begins at 6:00 pm. Typo should read SYLVIA EVANS.

yeah, what 14.Jul.2010 21:45

what now

From reading this article, I still have no idea "What's going on at the Portland Alliance."

The article says:


If this is all "US" has to say for itself ... not much of a case.

Just a quick limited check in. "No Comment at This Time" 16.Jul.2010 02:54

Mike Dee-1 of 8 Board Members, 5 active lately mikedee4@gmail.com

Howdy Mike Dee here,
Hi to those concerned about The Portland Alliance,

Thank you for your concern.

I am a new elected person to the Board of Directors, I started after the Board meeting on June 1st, 2010.

Our Board Meetings are open to the public, I made that motion at my first official board meeting to re-confirm that, it was 2nded, and passed.

Our Board Meetings also have public comment opportunities. I made a motion that included public comment close to the beginning of our meetings, at the near end of our meetings, and before any vote of the board, during discussion on a motion. That motion was also 2nded, and passed.

Since I speak only for myself and not the Board of Directors as a whole. It is probably not appropriate for me to go into specifics about concerns regarding The Portland Alliance "in the Press", and while "Legal Action is circling" our organization.

Doing so, could give other Board Members possible "Cause", which is an option under our current Bylaws to remove a Director from the Board.

As Interim Treasurer, one of my written duties includes Invoicing Subscribers, and Advertisers.

The Portland Alliance office has been open/accessible for our almost weekly Wednesday 6:30p.m. meetings, which I default chair, as requested by the Board of Directors, since I am the Board Member that works directly with the Editorial Committee of The Portland Alliance.

Thanks again for your concern.


"No Comment at This Time"

(503) - 239 - 4991

Eliminate PA and move on 21.Jul.2010 12:23

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

The Portland Alliance is obsolete and irrelevant. Move on. Bypass them and get on with it. Since the PA is standing in the way and refuse to move, go around them, eliminate them, don't bother telling them to fuck off, just sidestep them and get on with it, let the PA and its gang of idiots die out.

As you reguested Karma 29.Jul.2010 17:42


From the Desk of Sylvia Evans July 27, 2010 Letter of Resignation To: the Board of Directors of The Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education (NAAME) I resign as Board member and acting secretary of the Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education This notice is effective upon receipt Oregon Revised Statue, Chapter 65 65.321 Resignation of directors. (1) A director may resign at any time by delivering written notice to the board of directors, its presiding officer or to the president or secretary. (2) A resignation is effective when the notice is effective under ORS 65.034 unless the notice specifies a later effective date. My involvement with NAAME began on June 1, 2010 to July 21, 2010. During my short association with the organization there have been several incidents where I have been treated disrespectfully and placed in dangerous positions by two volunteers that the Board of Directors has refused to address. The Board's failure to respond to my voiced concerns has allowed the situation to escalate to a point that I am in fear of my safety. It is clear that the Board does not take safety as a priority. You have failed to address the safety issue and concerns that have been brought forth not only by me but from the other organizations that share the building with NAAME and community members who have asked repeatedly for a Safe Space policy which the Board has ignored. On June 29, 2010 Tim Flanagan, organizational volunteer, verbally assaulted me in front of Mike, a Board Member of NAAME, Tim's threatening behavior escalated to the point that he walked across the office with his fist balled screaming at me. Mike had to step in between us. I did not feel safe to stay for the scheduled Board meeting and left the office. I sent an email to the full Board documenting the incident. The Board did nothing. On July 14, 2010 my private phone number and email address was publicly displayed, without my knowledge or consent, on the Portland Independent Media web site http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/07/401000.shtml?discuss by two organizational volunteers Karma Lita and Tim Flanagan, along with quotes that I did not say because they disagreed with the 3 Month Plan to stabilize the organization that the Board adopted on June 22, 2010. Again the Board did nothing. Below is an excerpt of the Portland Independent Media web site, public comment portion of Karma Lita and Tim Flanagan's posts: @what now 14.Jul.2010 22:26 ________________________________________ Karma Lita seditiousconspirator@yahoo.com link "yeah, what"--excellent question, and I can help you! Who is better to answer this question than MARKO LAMSON, JIM LOCKHART and SYLVIA EVANS themselves. Here you go: Sylvia: 503-995-6837 repowerPDX@yahoo.com Marko: (got his number somewhere...) markounited@gmail.com Jim: 771-6631 jglockhart@comcast.net If any of what they have to say makes sense to you, please get back to me. And I mean this most sincerely. Public and personal info 15.Jul.2010 12:51 ________________________________________ Karma Lita seditiousconspirator@yahoo.com link The "personal" contact info provided has long been known publicly as these three have been known as community "activists." I would not have provided it otherwise. As to your questions: Hit MARKO LAMSON, JIM LOCKHART or SYLVIA EVANS or, PLEASE come to the Alliance office at SE 28th and Stark this coming Tuesday at 6:00 pm!! This will be a public board meeting!! I will make sure to add & include in the agenda plenty of time for public comments at the beginning of the meeting. The Boards failure to act responsibly and to ignore repeated complaints of bullying and unprofessional conduct by Karma Lita and Tim Flanagan has jeopardized my personal safety. The Board has demonstrated that it approves of Karma Lita and Tim Flanagan's use of intimidation and dishonesty to personally attack fellow Board members to further their own agenda. On July 20, 2010 during our regularly scheduled Board meeting, for over two and a half hours Karma Lita, Tim, and Mike bullied, intimidated, and threatened myself, Marko, and Jim because the Board responsibly agreed with the other organizations that share the building, to change the locks and only NAAME Board member's would be provided keys due to numerous security complaints and concerns. It seems that producing a newspaper is more important than providing a safe space for members of the community and the Board of Directors of NAAME to interact respectful. Maybe that's your point. Due to the Boards failure to act responsibly, I do not feel safe with continuing my association with this organization. The action of individuals has created an unsafe work environment that has forced all but two Board members from the organization. Now I understand why the Board of Directors has had a large number of resignations this year. I formally request that my name, address, phone number, and email address be removed from your organizational data bases. I will not accept any communications from NAAME, the Portland Alliance, Board of Directors, Volunteers, or Representatives whether appointed by the Board or not. Such actions constitute harassment and will not be tolerated. I will send all documents that are in my possession that belong to NAAME to the organizational office. I will disassociate myself from the organization publicly in response to the many comments that were generated from internet posts and emails so that the community is aware of my reasons for resigning. I have sent a copy of this letter to the Secretary of the State of Oregon so that there is no misunderstanding about my date of resignation or my involvement with this organization. Sylvia Evans