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economic justice

The dow is up!

Lately the DOW is up. Often its a indicator of market improvement of profit.
So how do you think there making money?
Capitalism is a Sink Whole
Capitalism is a Sink Whole
Just wanted to let you know things are going to get worse for you. How else do you see how these companies are planning to make any money?


UI extension money will not be approved by the senate. Houses will foreclose and the bank or other predators will pick up the property on the cheap. More unemployment will ensue. There is yet to be a new profits on going short on stocks for a variety of investments. Yes the Bush/Obama cycle appears likely to continue.

UI for the west coast is about 1-2 billion dollars a year that is supporting the house hold that no longer is available to be sustained by the business community. If Jobs are to be created the multimillion/billion incomes needs to be taxed, multimillion/billion corporations need to be taxed, and the security companies which protect these people and corporations need to be taxed as well. What the government will do with this money? Well hey how about pay off its debt. Why not enslave the wealth of the rich to support the government.Lets end the tragedy of punishing the poor any more.