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Anti-Racist Action Conference in Portland, OR: Workshops & Panels July 23-25

The Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Network Conference is an annual event that seeks to bring together anti-racists and anti-fascists for a weekend of educational events and networking to learn about bigoted organizing in our communities, and how we can respond. Workshops are free of charge, and open to anti-racists whether part of an ARA chapter or not.

Presentations include: "Portland Anti-fascist History," "Anti-Racist Organizing in Rural Communities," "The Portland Police and White Supremacy," and several more.
conference poster image
conference poster image
Anti-Racist Action Conference in Portland, OR
Workshops & Panels July 23-25

WHAT: The Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Network Conference is an annual event that seeks to bring together anti-racists and anti-fascists for a weekend of educational events and networking to learn about bigoted organizing in our communities, and how we can respond. Workshops are free of charge, and open to anti-racists whether part of an ARA chapter or not.

Presentations include: "Portland Anti-fascist History," "Anti-Racist Organizing in Rural Communities," "The Portland Police and White Supremacy," and several more.

WHY: We are currently experiencing a resurgence of the far-Right on national, regional, and local levels. It is a crucial time to prioritize anti-fascist organizing. The ARA Conference is one part of that effort.

WHO: Full biographies of speakers and workshop presenters are available at:  http://rosecityantifa.org/speakers--workshops.html

WHEN: Presentations will take place:

Friday, July 23: 6-8PM
Saturday, July 24: 6-8PM
Sunday, July 25: 1-5PM

Check for schedule updates and room locations at:  http://rosecityantifa.org/schedule.html

WHERE: Presentations will be held at rooms 236 and 238, Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University, 1825 SW Broadway, Portland OR 97201


For more information about this event, please write: fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net.

For more information about Rose City Antifascists, visit rosecityantifa.org.
For more information about the Anti-Racist Action Network, visit antiracist.org


(Check  http://rosecityantifa.org/schedule.html for updates.)

See below for a partial schedule of events for the 2010 Anti-Racist Action Network Conference. We welcome all ARA Network members and allies to the events listed below. Keep checking back for updates! Individuals who have organized with fascists or engage in sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. behavior will not be tolerated.

Workshops and panels will take place at Portland State University's Smith Memorial Union, at 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201.

THURSDAY 7.22.10
ARA Chapters and prospective chapters: check in with Rose City Antifa for more information.

FRIDAY 7.23.10
6:00-8:00 PM Anti-Racist Action Network History Panel (SMU Room 238)
with Mic Crenshaw, Michael Novick, and one more

6:00-7:00 PM History and Reaction to White Supremacy and Violent Racism in Eugene (SMU Room 236)
with Cimmeron Gillespie

7:00-8:00 PM The Belly of the Beast: Anti-Racist Organizing in Rural Communities (SMU Room 236)
with Kari Koch

SATURDAY 7.24.10
6:00-8:00 PM Portland Anti-fascist History Panel (SMU Room 238)
with Cecil Prescod, M. Treloar, and one more

SUNDAY 7.25.10
1:00-3:00 PM Left Antisemitism: Building Bridges to the Right? (SMU Room 238)
with Spencer Sunshine

3:00-4:00 PM The Far Right and the Ecology Movement (SMU Room 236)
with Becca Sandor

4:00-5:00 PM The Portland Police and White Supremacy: Past and Present (SMU Room 238)
with Kristian Williams



Our conference is limited by time and speaker availability, but we believe it is important to note the irreplaceable contributions to anti-fascist and anti-racist movements that are being made by organizers for queer liberation, migrant rights, prison abolition, and reproductive freedom, among many other struggles that are not highlighted at the 2010 Conference.



Mic Crenshaw is an educator, Hip-Hop artist and activist. Mic got started organizing against racists in the streets of Minneapolis in the 80's and is a founding member of ARA. Michael currently resides in Portland where he is the co-founder of Global Fam, does freelance educational work and manages his independent music career.

Michael Novick is a long-time anti-racist, founding member of the former John Brown Anti-Klan Committee and of People Against Racist Terror, now the Los Angeles chapter of the Anti-Racist Action Network. He is author of "White Lies White Power/The Fight Against White Supremacy and Reactionary Violence," editor of "Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research & Education," and a second generation union shop steward.


Cimmeron Gillespie works with Breaking Bigotry, a coalition for safer communities, in collaboration with Eugene's Black Tea Society and the Community Alliance of Lane County. Breaking Bigotry responded to and uprooted the Pacifica Forum, a 'free speech' white supremacist group at the University of Oregon. They counter-informed targeted youth to break-up white supremacist recruiting and held educational events to build cross movement solidarity.


Rural communities are often targeted by the radical right and white supremacist organizations, building on people's fear, economic conditions, faith and racism to create environments for extremism to thrive. In the last year we have seen the rise of the racist Tea Party movement and the Aryan Nation's public attempt to move into rural Oregon. This workshop will share the Rural Organizing Project's experiences with organizing against the Aryan Nation & other scenarios of responsive organizing, but also our constant efforts to build a pro-active anti-racist movement within traditionally conservative communities.

Kari Koch is an organizer with the Rural Organizing Project in Oregon. She was born and raised in rural Oklahoma and has a particular love of working with rural and more traditionally conservative communities to talk about race, oppression and social justice. She also enjoys writing, urban farming, traveling & building community in her urban Portland neighborhood.


Cecil Prescod is the Christian Education Director at Ainsworth United Church of Christ. He is an activist with various human rights organizations, including Coalition for Human Dignity, Love Makes A Family, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

M.Treloar was a member and organizer for the Coalition for Human Dignity in Portland during the period that it actively organized resistance to neo-fascist boneheads and the Christian Right. He is the author of Portland History in Review, an article that originally appeared in the journal "Little Beirut," available for download on the Rose City Antifa literature page.
He is now a member of Bring the Ruckus and Raider Nation Collective.


Antisemitism has existed on the Left from its very beginning. This presentation will explain antisemitism's unusual dynamics (such as projection, denial, scapegoating, and "the socialism of fools"); show where antisemitic frameworks exist, and where they do not; and talk about how these narratives provide openings to the Right. A moderated Q&A will follow.

Spencer Sunshine is an editor at Fifth Estate magazine and is active in Green Scare support work. His article "Rebranding Fascism: National-Anarchists" recently appeared in Public Eye magazine.


This workshop will cover attempts made by the far right to tap into radical and moderate environmental constituencies. We will go over specific organizations, their connections to each other and respective white nationalist networks. Existing anti-immigrant frames link conversations on U.S. population with current debates on immigration and resource scarcity. Our workshop will include ways to combat this form of far right "environmentalism."

Becca Sandor is a member of Bring the Ruckus. She has done immigrant rights work with the Repeal Coalition of Arizona fighting for the right for all people to "live, love and work wherever they please." She is now doing work around the environment and the far right.


Local author Kristian Williams will discuss the history of the Portland Police Bureau, focusing on its role in maintaining racial inequality. He will outline both the historical linkages between the Portland Police and avowedly racist organizations like the Klan, and will also describe the racism inherent in policing a stratified society.

Kristian Williams is the author, most recently, of American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination (South End Press, 2006). His first book, Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America, was initially published in 2004, and has been re-released by South End. His work on policing and torture has also appeared in Counterpunch, New Politics, In These Times, and in the collection Confrontations (Tarantula Publishing, 2007). Williams is a volunteer with Rose City CopWatch.

homepage: homepage: http://rosecityantifa.org
phone: phone: 971.533.7832 (VM)

Additional Workshop 16.Jul.2010 21:37

Rose City Antifa

Saturday July 24th 6-7pm (PSU Smith Memorial Building room 236)

Prepared, Not Paranoid: Conflict Resolution & Confrontation Management

This session focuses on furthering our understanding of violence, specifically fascist violence: how it occurs, how to prevent it, and how to survive it.

Sensei Gregory C. Lewis has been practicing martial arts since 1978 and teaching off and on since 1991. His formal training includes Boxing, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Brazilian Jujitsu. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Karate. He has been a dedicated anti-racist activist since 1992.

In the wake of the 1998 murders of Lin "Spit" Newborn and Dan Shersty of ARA-Las Vegas, Sensei Lewis accepted an invitation to go on a 3 month teaching tour of ARA chapters, making stops in Toronto, Detroit, and Montreal.