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Please Ask Wyden and Smith To Vote Down Kagan

Kagan for 6 years was silent about Harvard's torture of animals while
a dean there. She supports the bombing of animals. See below
Please Ask Wyden and Smith to Vote Down Kagan 202 224 3121

Kagan: promoter of war, denier of prisoner rights, defender of Monsanto, silent affirmer of Harvard vivisection Your dogs and cats say no to Kagan US Senate switchboard 202 224 3121

More than virtually any other institution, Harvard has been implicated in the theft of pet dogs and cats for research. Harvard Medical School offered poor children 25 cents for any stray cat they brought in, never asking the source.

Senator Frist of Tennessee bragged in his autobiography that as a medical student at Harvard he
represented himself at Boston animal adoption agencies as an adopter, and then took the helpless victim to Harvard's medical school to virtually certain death.

For 6 years, as dean of Harvard's law school Elena Kagan was silent about the pain inflicted on millions of dogs, cats, primates, mice etc in underground labs by Harvard, an institution invested in animal suffering which receives 300 million dollars annually of your money for that purpose.

Harvard lost Stanley Prusiner, discoverer of Mad Cow prions, to Stanford, because his research was put
on the back burner by slaughterhouse invested Harvard.
Kagan has promoted the war in Afghanistan which burns animals by bombing, which seals bears
in caves through daisy cutter, cruise missile and other instruments of death.

She has defended ecocidal Monsanto in court, defended prisoners' illegal detention in violation
of the Geneva Convention. She has argued against the right to remain silent.

Please work to defeat the nomination of Kagan. Call your senators 202 224 3121


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Comatose 11.Jul.2010 18:08

Sleeping beauty

Oh boy. It's Wyden and Merkley now. Not that it makes much differerence.But I agree Kagan should not be on the supreme court. Another atrocity is her negative involvement with the Don Siegelman case. Good luck to us, we will need it.