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Lone Vet Report

We may have one last chance to stop the madness
Just before our arrest in front of blumenauer's office a week before Christmas
Just before our arrest in front of blumenauer's office a week before Christmas
Individuals For Justice has joined with the PDA, Brown Bag Vigils, to let Congressman **blumenauer know that his last vote for the Supplemental War Funding was the last straw for many of us. Voting for the "Rule" was the key vote that allowed the money for the surge to go forward---blumenauer and the rest of the Oregon Delegation voted as they were told by **pelosi and more will die. Here in Portland we cannot find the money to house our citizens, we must cut our school budget, cut our city budget but have 30-50 billion for a surge in Afghanistan; they/we have to be nuts.

We will be at the congressman's office on the 21st of July, and on the next third Wednesday of each of the following months.

We ask that you join us and yes their will be a large banner with Oregon Progressive Party in very large letters. We also asked other groups to be present, bring your banners and tell the congressman he must stop talking about stopping wars and start leading us in the fight.

Recently I read a good description of wars, "War is killing human beings and blowing things up." I just love the clarity and simplicity of the statement. So, come and join us, we must stand for peace, green power, accountability, equality in marriage, and re-learn how to live on this earth.

Place: The **earlman's office, 729 NE Oregon
Time: High Noon-to-1:00 PM, every 3rd Wednesday of the month until we have Peace or the earl resigns.

**Refuse to capitalized due to disrespect and/or disgust

Joe Walsh

Latest News on War Funding
If all of us start working and stop whining, we could stop this. The last vote, if the Oregon Delegation voted no on the "Rule" it would have failed. Below is some good info; we will protest, will you make the calls? (215 yes----210 no)

There is a possibility that the House will have to vote on this supplemental one more time because it is different from the Senate version. You must call the "earlman" and tell his staff that you want money for schools, social programs and Single Payer Medical Care; not murder!

Don't feel bad when they patronize you, they do it to everyone, however they do keep track of how many people call on an issue. Don't let him think we do not care.

blumenauer----- Portland Office----503-231-2300


homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

Stupidity Personified 17.Jul.2010 07:57

urwurst nitemare

Stupid is as stupid does, Joe, you dumb old bastard. So as a "supposed" vet you are just now finding out that war consists of killing people and blowing things up. That alone reveals what a stooge you are. Where is your butt buddy Joe Anybody, wasn't he there to record your spittle spraying stupidity for prosperity? LOL, you maggots crack my ass up.