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VIDEO: Right 2 Survive Portland Cuba Solidarity 7.8.10

Right to Survive, PCASC, Hands Off Latin America, and various activists and solidarity groups all were on hand to welcome the Cuban Caravan bus and listen to information about Human Rights and grass roots community organizing
Cuban Caravan Portland Solidarity 2010
Cuban Caravan Portland Solidarity 2010
This is a 4 minute video clip from the picnic at the old school grounds on 12th and SE Stark when the Cuban Caravan stopped by in town

The Cuban caravan bus arrived as we were all sitting in the shade eating.

Mary, from Right 2 Survive gave a short welcome to those on the bus, and then an introduction and some information on what Right 2 Survive is doing in here locally in Portland.

She shares their groups progressive workshops and informs us about recent actions regarding the police and homeless issues as well as sharing how others can network and help those that are houseless or are in need of a caring hand.

Right 2 Survive has a web page here:

homepage: homepage: http://zebra3report.tripod.com/JoeAnybodyVenezuel/