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Portland IMC at Oregon Country Fair

The 41st Oregon Country Fair is happening outside of Veneta, OR this weekend. Along with Mind Freedom, KBOO, OPN & Kindtree, PDX IMC is representing at the Doors of Expression within Community Village at the fair. While the rest of the fair serves to entertain, provide awesome food or sell you beautiful wares, we at Community Village want to sell you on ideas. If you're coming to the fair, stop by and say hello. Community Village also has a beautiful new stage with many great acts here and throughout the fair.
We'd love to see you all here. Come down Saturday or Sunday.

pic 10.Jul.2010 11:58



transit 10.Jul.2010 13:57


Tell us again how to catch a transit ride there!

OCF (drum circle) directions 10.Jul.2010 19:24

joe anybody

Take Greyhound bus to Eugene

Take bus from Autzen Stadium to fair grounds

Must purchace tickets in advance at ticket outlet in a local city (*not available at the fair gate)


What is Community Village 10.Jul.2010 19:31

its all right here