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87-year old woman dies by police taser

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BORING, Ore. - An 87-year-old woman died Thursday after being stunned with a Taser by Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies.
Deputies said the woman threatened to shoot a man installing a water line to a home around 2:30 p.m.
It happened at the Big Valley Woods Mobile Home Park.
Police said a deputy ordered her to drop her gun. At first she placed her handgun on a rail but then picked it up again. At that point another deputy stunned her with his Taser.
Deputies began CPR when she became unconscious. She died in the hospital.
Witnesses said the woman had suffered from physical and mental problems.

" . . . had suffered from physical and mental problems." 09.Jul.2010 13:31

rumble strip

Well, that disposes of any status the victim might have had with respect to accordance of human dignity. She was old, broken and crazy, in other words.

Now, any assessment forthcoming on the substance abuse, domestic violence and other sociopathic instabilities in the life history(s) of the robot cops?

But, she had a gun, you say. And since the robot cops are narrowly programmed to push buttons, pull triggers, manipulate hardware, stomp, punch, kick and shove, destiny follows.

pacemaker 10.Jul.2010 21:04


News report she had a pacemaker. That said she died of a heart attack, not the tazor. Incredible.

Tazer played no role, eh? 11.Jul.2010 13:46

rumble strip

So, she was going to have the heart attack anyway. For sure, sooner or later.

Like said before: old, broken and crazy.

If a citizen can't withstand the stunted, cretinous practices of "law enforcement", then she can be written off -- we all have to go sometime. Meanwhile, the system works just fine.