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Boone's Farm and the Turning Tables Project Grows Food for the People

The food grown on an acre of land at Boone's Farm in the Little Applegate Valley is distributed directly and freely to groups and individuals who are organizing toward radical social change and to those who otherwise find themselves food insecure. We are looking for support and collaboration in maximizing the potential of this project. Please contact us if you can utilize these calories to empower the revolution or your family.
The Turning Tables Field at Boone's Farm
The Turning Tables Field at Boone's Farm
This is not an act of charity.

This is not an emergency response to recession or an attempt to bring relief to a struggling economy.

We believe the current economic crisis to be a difficult, but revealing symptom of a much greater problem.

We do not believe that the staggering number of humans worldwide (who are forgotten, ignored, marginalized, oppressed and mitigated against) are only a relief effort away from establishing a healthy relationship with the very system by which they have been deemed unsuitable.

We do not believe that those who seek refuge in the gaping cracks of this system's rigid machinery need only be thrown a rope by which to lift themselves to higher and greater ground.

On the contrary, we believe the current system, defined by the structure of its economy, the consequential distribution of its resources, and its all too toxic and incriminating relationship with its land base, to be fundamentally flawed, broken, and thus in many ways irredeemable.

We are not under the illusion that this small act serves as a solution to the various problems with which a society in transition is faced. Rather, understanding that major cultural and social transformations must begin with attention to basic needs - that being fed precedes creative collaboration and organized dissent. It is our goal to set a table around which a disparate diversity of voices might organize themselves into a powerfully cohesive chorus.

We have been led to believe that the greatest power is held by those who continue to exploit the masses in favor of the few. We offer this food as an invitation to challenge that belief - to take back the power that is rightfully ours. Food security, community strength and empowerment, and the prioritization of humanity before profit are all cornerstones of a strong movement toward collective sanity and radical change.

Please join us.....

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