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senator cantwell and speaker pelosi refuse to help with still needed OIL SPILL NETS

senators murray, cantwell,boxer,fienstein,and speaker pelosi and senator webb all knew about the needed oil spill nets.. but they either refuse to ask the coast guard wehre they are ( exxon valdez,selendang ayu,cosco busan,dubai star,and cougar ace all still owe under code of federal regulation 33 (1055) "oil spill mitigation equipment"
result , has been failure to contain and isolate the millions of gallons from getting caught in the under water currents with hand braided nets that shear away the underwater rivers passing through the oil and picking it up and carrying it hundreds of miles while the skimmers made of huge "a whale" ship sucks up dirty water instead of heavy concentrates of actual oil...
but, admiral allen gave all shipping oil spillers since 2006 off the hook..
some think becuz he is looking for a high paying retirement job overseeing future oil spill responses becuz in no small part the lack of oil spill nets to contain closer to where the spill is and with bottoms to the nets and booms so as to keep the oil from escaping underneath after the currents pick up more than 1 and a half knots (1.5 knots is all the oil boom of plastic is good for before it allows oil to be pulled under boom becuz the current gets up underneath...

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