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humankind's relationship to combustion demands some introspection ;
At a gathering of counter cultural types a few months ago , a question was asked of the featured speaker : " why the hell are we ( homo sapiens ) here ?" The question was asked with regard to the fact that we are the only critters on the planet that have developed the ability , and the arrogance , to seriously harm entire ecosystems in pursuit of our self interest , the same systems that are essential to all life on this rock !
Not long after the question was posed , a spontaneous reply emanated from somewhere in the audience : " WE ARE HERE TO - BURN - ! "

The profound nature of that simple yet fascinating response went right over the heads of all of us in the room that night , including the speaker . But in hindsight , the heavy duty and relevant content in that simple statement becomes apparent ; a myriad of practical , philosophical , and potentially horrific possibilities ..................... what comes to mind for you?

perhaps we are here to LEARN? 08.Jul.2010 12:58


just a thought.

To Save The Herbs 08.Jul.2010 14:48

aa boycottbartells@gmail.com

and to boycott bartells drug for recieving and miss using healthcare subsidies and homeland security grants to attack locals needing to use emergency bathroom in only healthcare provider who gets tax breaks and shareholder inflationary capital gains tax writeoffs as if benefitting local community..

....and to have the f/v baranof ..( one of only a few abusing longliner catcher processors killing the by catch stealing 70 % of the pounds and not paying workers while getting a tax writeoffs..

...and for not fixing the oil that drips into the live tank where king crab are held and where the crab are cooked... over the live tank is a crane for deck work... over the cooker tank is a lift to raise and lower the crab cooking,it drips and splatters heavy oil when the lift gets hot and the foreman said" it doesnt matter becuz the water we are cooking in is 220 degrees"
.....the department of agriculture refuses to inspect while boat is in seattle (at foss being worked on for other needs) and department of ecology refuses to inspect when the boat is converted to king crab processing ..the company "cape romanzof fishing co...www.baranofcourageous.com.....always converts the f/v baranof's once a year inspection to when they are set up for fish processing and the tank is covered and the lift is taken down..

...but, n.o.a.a. refuses to put 2 observors on each boat for the cost the bosses of the observers pocket off the observor who usually is asleep when the boat kills off the untargeted fish before it crosses the rail so they dont have to slow down or spend extra time on secondary fish..result, genociding what is left while more people go hungry and dead fish only good for vultures of sea...

LEARN ? 09.Jul.2010 11:11


if our purpose here is to learn , then we are failing miserably and running out of time to correct the situation.

We are here to prove ourselves 17.Jul.2010 03:11


earth is a giant proving ground, evil will prove out to be evil, good will prove out to be good....

we may have been born into this mess, but we are to show who and what we are really made of, by what we will make of it all.

then on to the next phase, after this life. sort of like, graduation , on to the next step.