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On Sunday, July 11th, at PSU's Hot Lips Pizza, there is a picket-sign making party for the PBA protest set for Tuesday, July 13th, at 11 a.m. This protest is the second picket organized by PSU-PSU and targets PBA for sit-lie, for criminalizing homeless/houselessness, for pushing TriMet to gut Fareless Square (what was free for 35 years is now a $175 fine if you don't pay for bus ride downtown), etc.
There will be a sign-making party at Hot Lips Pizza at PSU, 1907 SW Sixth (on Greenline MAX and 9, 17, 19, 44 buses), this Sunday, July 11th, at 6pm. We have 30 picket sticks and some signs, we need 20 new blank 2x3 foot signs/poster boards, colored felt tip pens (we have three thick black felt tip pens), creativity, glitter (??), plus ideas, chants, bullhorn(s), puppets or other creative ideas for the legal, peaceful picket at PBA set for Tuesday, July 13th, at 11 a.m.

The protest and picket at Portland Business Alliance (PBA VP Mike Kuykendahl is in the new police chief's band, The Usual Suspects, and PBA VP Bernie Bottomly was lead attack dog urging TriMet to gut Fareless Square) is set to be peaceful, legal, on the sidewalk. A delegation may go inside with a demand list, or radical, affinity groups protesters are welcome as well. We will invite (corporate) media but that doesn't mean they will come. There is also a rather large, 200-seat indoor meeting room where PBA's board meets, at the top of the escalators (which are outside) -- should there be a large turnout of protesters who may want to go inside, etc.

For the first PBA picket we did in 2009, Jobs with Justice folks, SEIU members, Reed students, and street medics came -- we hope to have more people this time.

We proposed that the May Day march this year target Portland Business Alliance at 200 SW Market Street (the Black Box Bldg.), but march organizers wanted to keep "stops" to a minimum. This is our chance (including more middle class folks who think the PBA is the nexus of capitalist oppression in our region) to protest PBA's right-wing practices. PBA's parent group, US Chamber of Commerce, for example, paid $1,000,000 per day to try to defeat Obama's health care 'reform,' which did pass.

New chants about police, PBA, sit lie, criminalization, militarization, privatization, so-called "austerity" measures -- are especially encouraged!


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