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President of KBOO is an Nazi Apologist

The President of KBOO is a Nazi Apologist and works for the city of Portland defending Police Brutality
Becky Chiao, is the current President of the KBOO board of directors.

She is a lawyer and former member of the National Lawyers Guild.

For the past number of years she has worked for Risk Management for the city of Portland defending police brutality incidents.

Recently, when I was on Lisa Loving's show as a guest attorney, I spoke about my own personal experience with Captain Mark Kruger who has a documented history of being a Nazi sympathizer and lover of Nazi culture and artifacts. We have videos, affidavits and photos to prove all of this. He has also been documented through videos and testimony as intolerant of diverse views and been shown to be very violent against people who he didn't like, particularly those on the left, time and time again. Yet, he was promoted to Captain of Downtown precinct.

On Lisa's show I spoke out on the air questioning why the city wold promote such a man who recently admitted in WWeek that he has put together a memorial park in Portland for fallen Nazi soldiers.

Becky Chiao called in to the program and defended Kruger and stated "it is just an innocent hobby of his" and I shouldn't be picking on him.
Becky said nothing at the time that she was currently KBOO's president. This is the same line that was used by the city to defend Kruger's actions when we sued the city for police brutality against protesters of the Iraq war. The city later conceded and settled the case.

I now find out that Becky is President of KBOO's board and I am simply aghast and dismayed that KBOO would allow a Nazi apologist to be its President. Rosie Sizer's schedule also shows Becky Chiao meeting with Sizer previous to a meeting Sizer was planning to have with Joann Bowman about Police brutality and profiling. It is safe to assume that Chiao was prepping the Chief for the meeting.

For years, KBOO has been the voice against police brutality in this city. Now it has an employee of the city of Portland who defends police brutality as its President. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Please feel free to publish my letter wherever you choose to do so.


Alan Graf

homepage: homepage: http://www.hippelawyer.com

link to "Nazis and Police in Portland Oregon" 08.Jul.2010 12:15

repost from zinelibrary.info

What say you 08.Jul.2010 13:17

Joe Anybody

Hey Becky

Is this true?

Are you really a Nazi sympathizer?

This would be a good place to 'tell your side'

I respect Alan and his logic, and I dont know you, but I am inclined to believe that

you are defending this (sic) nazi / hobbiest / and Mr Kruger

And just from what I have read in this open community post it seems you have taken a public opinion on this.

I am curious from the perspective that your the president of KBOO's board and this is your position.

Hippie Lawyer & Community Activist Alan Graf on Police Accountability 11.Jul.2010 16:27

Justin Case

KBOO current Board of Directors President- Rebecca "Becky" Chiao calls into KBOO morning talk show. Please go to about 23 minutes into the recording (or it will read about 31 minutes remaining) to hear Ms. Chiao. She said she works for the City of Portland, but did not disclose that she works for the "Risk Management" Department. Risk Management handles legal settlements on incidents such as Portland POLICE shootings and other abuse by officers and other misc. claims against the city.


Audio by title talk_radio_20100602 --52:58 minutes (24.25 MB)
Hippie Lawyer & Community Activist Alan Graf on Police Accountability
Submitted by Steve Nassar on Wed, 06/02/2010 - 12:16pm
Categories: Police abuse
program: Talk Radio
program date: Wed, 06/02/2010
Host Lisa Loving and her special guest, Alan Graf, talk about Police Accountability.

Becky Chiao 15.Jul.2010 01:10

Yaney LA MacIver sweetheartofthevalley@gmail.com

Well Alan,

It might not be too far to construe that the Portland Police might have put Becky up to stand for election at KBOO. Remember the "Healthy Staions Project". And KBOO has been really strange about banning lately. One person is even disallowed from requesting public documents that FCC regulations require anyone to see. Hell they banned Cherie for being a bit to vociferious about not liking a proposed KBOO logo. So she is no longer allowed in the station. What's really ironic about this is that at the Annual Meeting where we/they passed the board removal option and the new "conflict resolution" process it was the elected board of director, Cherie, that told Michael that he should "sue us" if he disagreed with the passage of the amendment to the bylaws. And now both of them are banned; Michael because he did sue; Scott because he did sue over being removed as a director. And they cancelled a show on Tibet that Scott had prepared. Very sad.

Strange she, Becky, has been following me on Twitter, since the lawsuits. Her Twitter comments are always rather vapid IMHO. And there's some strange thing about her attending the same synagogue as Barbara Bernstein, maybe that is in rumor land. But you might remember how Barbara voted about the "healthy stations project". And how she and Celeste covered for Susan White.

Alan's letter 15.Jul.2010 09:46

trout troutmask420@hotmail.com

I signed into KBOO's website and reposted Alan's letter here:  http://kboo.fm/node/21803 . And do listen to the podcast of the June broadcast with Alan as the guest. We'll see if it stays up or it is censored. feel free to leave comments yourself... 'plants that cannot bloom by day, must flower in the night' ! Becky needs to step down or be forced out, which shall it be?

Becky needs to go! 15.Jul.2010 15:40


Becky has been the stone chain around kboo's neck for a long time.

Next KBOO Board meeting 15.Jul.2010 22:37

G VIoletta

People, the next KBOO board meeting will be on Monday, July 26, 6 PM at KBOO, 20 SE 8th Ave. If you are a KBOO member and are appalled that our board president called the talk sow to defend Mark Kruger's Nazi glorification as a harmless lifestyle choice, please show up for public comment at 6 PM.

No response from KBOO!!! SHOCKING! 16.Jul.2010 11:35


This Neo-Nazi support from the KBOO President has not resulted in ANY statement from KBOO indicating that KBOO does not agree with what the KBOO President has said in relation to supporting Neo-Nazi activities. Shame on KBOO! My contribution to them expires in 6 weeks, it will not be renewed.

Quick response to Indymedia 17.Jul.2010 12:21

Becky Chiao

Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I just found out about these internet discussions on Thursday and have been playing catch-up.

My statement on Lisa's show was my own and was not made on behalf of the KBOO Board or the KBOO Foundation (or on behalf of the City of Portland).

After talking to Alan on the phone this morning, I will be posting a response for the KBOO website this weekend. It will include an apology for my inaccurate and insenstive remarks. I do believe and have always believed that white supremicist ideologies are horribly wrong and have lead to unfathomable human suffering.

There are lots of challenges facing KBOO. My personal approach toward facing these challenges is through open-minded discussion. But if it becomes clear that my statements have eroded my credibility to such an extent or pose such a distraction that I should not be in a leadership position at the station, I will step down.

I think it is incorrect to say that I don't tolerate dissent. I would be happy to answer questions about who I am and what I think, but I'm not sure how much of that to do on the web via online forums. I'd like to set up a time to talk to concerned people about this in advance of the KBOO Board's monthly meeting so as not to take up time set for station business talking about me. In the meantime, I can be reached via  email--becky@herfingertips.com and from there can arrange to talk on the phone on in person.

KBOO members interested in running for the board in this September's election have until July 30 to submit their candidacy paperwork. For more information see:  http://kboo.fm/governance

I hope that those of you considering ending your station membership will reconsider and ultimately find that with your help KBOO can remain a vitally important resource for social justice in our community.

Becky should reisgn! 18.Jul.2010 09:29


Becky, do the right thing and turn in your resignation, please. We will be at the next board meeting to tell you we want you to step out of the way. Hopefully, you come to your senses before then - if not be prepared to do so at the board meeting itself.

Alan Graf's response ... 18.Jul.2010 10:43



Here are some posts of mine following my conversation with Becky that you can share with KBOO and Indymedia.


As to Becky, she called me up today and I spoke with her for over an hour trying to explain to her what was wrong about her publicly supporting a Nazi cop. The conversation was civil, but she never apologized or admitted wrong doing or error on her part. She is very vested in her own self image as reasonable and believes that Vera and Rosie were good leaders, thus she took their word that Kruger had committed no wrong doing. I told her that was lazy and she needed to do her own investigations. I am glad that a bunch of you are following through on this, as I explained very clearly to Becky legitimizing Nazi behaviors, obsessions, or hobbies, particularly by people in positions of authority and power--is not only a mistake but promotes a huge injustice and great insensitivity not fitting for someone in the position as KBOO's President. I suggested resignation and/or an apology. She didn't seem to be interested in either although she did say she would do what was best for KBOO. We'll see.

More on Becky--Becky has been working for the city for so long she has only one perspective. For instance, when I said, Portland's police were one of the worst in the country in terms of accountability and brutality-she disagreed and said they were one of the best and had won awards for their excellence. Also, she told me she had a lot of respect for Vera Katz and Chief Sizer--both of who I personally found to be stalwart supporters for minimum to no police accountability and transparency. Dan Handleman and others who have monitored the police and dealt with Sizer and Katz would agree with me. So, yes there is a difference of opinion and of course she is entitled to those opinions--but it would be like having a right wing talk show host as president of KBOO--maybe not that far-but in that direction. Its not a fit--she maybe a good administrator and organizer--but her soul has been co-opted by her years defending the bureau.


re: Alan Graf's response ... 18.Jul.2010 16:22


also posted to KBOO's website, here:  http://kboo.fm/node/21803

My Longer Statement is on the KBOO Website at the Link in Trout's Post Above 19.Jul.2010 05:55

Becky Chiao

I wouldn't agree with every aspect of Alan's account of our conversation, but I'm not going to try to refute each thing I disagree with on the internet.

Talking with Alan to be very helpful in understanding where he is coming from and it did lead to my apology. We not only talked about police accountability but also about the challenges faced by KBOO board members. It is true that I said my primary concern is what is best for KBOO.

I signed up for a space at KBOO on Thursday night July 22 from 8-10 pm (the only time I saw available) to talk to concerned members in person about this. I do want to approach these issues reasonably and would like to make sure that reasonableness is more than just my self-image, but an actual attribute of how I act and make decisions.

Becky's special meeting 20.Jul.2010 18:32


Becky is trying to move any discussion that would have taken place on this issue from the board meeting to the special meeting she has set. It's easier for her to spin when she is not in a board meeting and she can set the rules easier.

NO, this needs to all be done in a board meeting, so it is a part of the record. This all has to do with her conduct as as the elected board president of KBOO, the leader and voice of KBOO. Her special meeting is not the correct place, the board meeting is the correct place.

Becky please resign your position a as a KBOO board member before the meeting to save yourself and KBOO a big embarrassment.

Becky Chiao dumps herself from KBOO Presidency. Some more directors need to go 25.Jul.2010 00:13


One down, how many more to go ?


Becky Chiao's blog
Announcing new board president
Submitted by Becky Chiao on Sat, 07/24/2010 - 12:36pm

Hi there. I wanted to let people know that I stepped down from the board
president position Thursday night and the new board president is Louis Sowa.

I hope that people will work with Louis and the rest of the board (which I
haven't left yet) with a spirit of shared community.

There is a board member election coming up, candidate statement/applications
are due July 30.  http://kboo.fm/governance

Becky Chiao dumps herself from KBOO Presidency. Some more directors need to go 25.Jul.2010 00:15


One down, how many more to go ?


Becky Chiao's blog
Announcing new board president
Submitted by Becky Chiao on Sat, 07/24/2010 - 12:36pm

Hi there. I wanted to let people know that I stepped down from the board
president position Thursday night and the new board president is Louis Sowa.

I hope that people will work with Louis and the rest of the board (which I
haven't left yet) with a spirit of shared community.

There is a board member election coming up, candidate statement/applications
are due July 30.  http://kboo.fm/governance

KBOO president has resigned that office 25.Jul.2010 00:36


One down, how many more to go ?

one down, how many more will listen to members?

Under KBOO Bylaws the directors could have removed their President
eith or without cause, but she chose to resign.

KBOO Bylaws provid that the vacany created shall be filled
by the Board of Directors at the first meting folowing the vacancy -- that meeting
is on Monday, July 26 at 6pm


Becky Chiao's blog
Announcing new board president
Submitted by Becky Chiao on Sat, 07/24/2010 - 12:36pm

Hi there. I wanted to let people know that I stepped down from the board
president position Thursday night and the new board president is Louis Sowa.

I hope that people will work with Louis and the rest of the board (which I
haven't left yet) with a spirit of shared community.

There is a board member election coming up, candidate statement/applications
are due July 30.  http://kboo.fm/governance


KBOO Bylaws allow for this resignation but they also require the directors to fill the resultinh vacancy at their next meeting -- which is tomorrow Monday at 6pm

Nazi apologist still a KBOO Director 30.Jul.2010 16:42


On June 02, 2010, Lisa Loving had Alan Graf on her KBOO talk show as a guest - describing his experience with the Portland Police Department's very own Nazi sympathizer, Capt. Kruger . It seems that the good Captain got married at Hitler's summer villa in Germany, and he put together a memorial park for fallen Nazi soldiers in S.E. Portland. Alan Graf had other pertinent information to share:
Saprize! Saprize! Would ya believe it?! There seems to be extensive video and other testimony which documents Capt. Kruger's intolerance for diversity, and/ or for the "left" (anyone to the left of Hitler or Genghis Khan?) and his frequent, "gleeful" use of excessive violence. Who woulda thought?! Nazis, as I recall, weren't especially known for a kindlier, gentler approach. - rather they retain a reputation as bullies and thugs.
Becky Chiao had ruffled a number of KBOO's members because of comments she made when she called into Lisa Loving's talk show to defend Kruger. Of some interest to many KBOO members is the fact that Becky Chiao, until this Monday's board meeting, was the President of the KBOO board of directors. Becky spoke only for a few moments, but Becky's statements - on air and in a letter she later posted on KBOO's website - reveal more about her than I think she meant to divulge. (The audio recording of that show and Becky's letter can be found here:  http://kboo.fm/node/21803 )
Becky Chiao called in to the program and defended Kruger and stated
"it is just an innocent hobby of his"; she thought Alan shouldn't deny Kruger his right to his own "ideology", "lifestyle", or "hobby".

Sorry, some of us citizens think that it is our right - even our DUTY - to insist that politicians and public servants SERVE only at our pleasure, and their ideologies are very much our business, especially since Capt. Kruger has been known to take out his ire upon peace demonstrators - types whose contrasting ideology is often that of Gandhi.
In Portland, I suspect that many taxpayers - as taxpayers - would like to exercise their right to cancel any future paychecks made out in the Capt.'s name. Unfortunately, as Beckie reminded Portland in a letter posted to KBOO (thank you Beckie!), Portland's oblivious political leadership has not taken any action about Kruger; Vera Katz and Police Chief Rosie Sizer, in particular, put their stamp of approval upon Kruger, so that fine officer, sic, remains a stain on Portland's police force.
(I will not hesitate to say, "Shame on Vera and Rosie!" I fully expect that this Kruger decision, among other decisions by Portland's political leadership, will eventually cost the City of Portland ever more in the way of out of court settlements to victims of police violence.)*
It may be relevant that Becky works for the Police Department in Risk Management. It is also relevant, I think, that Becky admits that she is "pretty conservative", and that she personally admires Vera & Rosie as "strong" women.
Given the lap dog status of our corporate media, some of us think that our independent media is more important now than ever before, and that our "watch dog' should, therefore, be ever more vigilant.
As Noam Chomsky recently reminded us, genuine intellectual inquiry is always "subversive". IMO, Beckie's avowed "admiration" for Portland's political leadership betrayed a certain lack of objectivity - much less a spirit of persistent inquiry. Left, right, and center - there's many in Portland who think that the media's first loyalty should be to Portland's citizens.
In Becky's letter, she described her remarks on air as an attempt to be "fair and reasonable" about Capt. Kruger. Sorry, I think its far from reasonable to look upon Kruger's Nazi fascination/admiration as "an innocent hobby" - if I may say so, I think it's insane. If a private citizen belonged to a white supremest group - one would hope that our police or the FBI would be keeping a close eye on him. Some of us think Kruger and any other Nazi lover in the Portland police force should return to civilian life so the proper authorities can more easily keep track of them.
Beckie's exceptional respect for leading political figures - feminine or not - and her "conservatism" are traits which I think jeopardizes her ability to be an aggressive watchdog for the public interest. For instance, Beckie had praise in her letter that Portland's Police Force has won awards for their excellence; some of Portland citizens look askance at an award for a city:
(Source  link to www.portlandcopwatch.org )

- where in the last year, an autistic teen was tasered,
- where, in the last 8 years, there has been 4 police killings of an unarmed black man,
- where 3 people in 5 years have been shot in the back by a police sniper while they were talking to a police negotiator.
In this Orwellian era I think any reward for "excellence" should automatically make us suspicious; haven't Obama and Kissinger both received the Nobel Peace Prize?! Just as the corporate media's endorsement of any - usually well funded - candidate should cause the prescient voter to write that particular candidate off our list, so, too, we citizens of Portland should not become less vigilant because of any such "award".
As I stated earlier, I was appalled by the entire board's defense of Becky.

That Becky's contribution to the media's watchdog role is questionable, is one thing, but to have nearly every sitting board member come to her defense - not only excusing her lapse of judgment - but praising her as "courageous" and "open minded" is quite another. I'm sure that Becky is probably a very pleasant person to work with, but I would insist that Becky's ability to make positive contributions to an independent media outlet is mediocre at best.
Again I'll quote the wise gnome: "...the respected intellectuals< http://www.chomsky.info/interviews/20031028.htm>in virtually every society are those who are distinguished by their conformist subservience to those in power. Others who take elementary human responsibilities seriously tend to suffer overwhelmingly in one form of repression or another."

In his own words Alan Graf says:
" Captain Kruger has a free speech right to his hobby !!
How about the right to abuse his authority and wreak violence on people exercising their right to free speech? Guess that's ok.


PS Becky - the Nazi Apologist resigned her office as KBOO Foundation President but still continues as KBOO's Nazi apologist Director. Is that what the members wanted when they elected her ?


Confusing the police and fascists doesn't help us fight either. 08.Jul.2010 13:04

Not an anarchist

This is not a very thoughtful or well-written piece.

Anyone familiar with the reality of Portland's or Oregon's politics of the last two decades would know that there has been a persistent fascist/bonehead presence. These are real neo-fascists, building on the heritage of white nationalism in the U.S., the remnants of European fascist groups and the dregs of punk music.

But that's not the police.

They're not the same. They don't even like each other. E.g., Volksfront is/was not the Portland Police Bureau.

It's like saying that Saddam Hussein and bin Laden were buddies, when, in fact, they opposed each other and had vastly different politics. Just because the Republican Party can't figure out a secular Baathist from an Islamic fundamentalist doesn't mean it's okay for us to be sloppy in our thinking and writing.

Kruger 08.Jul.2010 13:26


This article isn't saying that the Portland Police are exactly the same as Volksfront/NSM, but that Captain Mark Kruger has had a long and documented history of neo-nazi activity.

Duality not that clear 08.Jul.2010 16:42


From published evidence I think it goes without doubt there is overlap between the organizations listed above. Not all of either are the whole (which is fortunate). Police in serving the government are by definition part of fascism because fascism is government conjoint with corporation (and churches possibly). If the police actually protected and served the society around them without preemtively siding with the state or corporations, they would not be fascists. On the other hand, some cops are boneheads; historically as above (about this particular cop) there is evidence of this. Therefore they either have strategic alliances at times or "look the other way". On the other hand, if there good cops (which I believe there may be a few) they would be trying to oust this biasing presence and most likely be against nazis and fascists alike. So therefore, there is infighting among the police though it is very seriously controlled and hidden. I am not sure why in your post "not an anarchist" you make so strong a point of this blurry line?

KBOO has lost it's way 08.Jul.2010 20:23

no longer a KBOO supporter

At the least this is a huge conflict of interest. In my opinion this incident shows KBOO as an needs to
revisit its core values. Where is the Rose City Antifa on this issue? They need to speak out against a known Nazi sympathizer on the police force and a ranking commander no less. In addition Becky needs to explain her logic for calling in and defending Kruger.

Come and See 08.Jul.2010 23:48

Bob Seaver unksub@ymail.com

Shame on KBOO! Apparently, Captain Kruger has succeeded in conning you. Did you ask Kruger about the pending PPB Internal Affairs Division matter he was interviewed over a few months ago? The Portland police investigation into Kruger's Nazism and brutality that is being reviewed at the highest levels of PPB RIGHT NOW? Or was that subject not worthy of discussion or interest to the citizens of Portland? About how a Portland police captain who wants to be chief that is also a Nazi, a racist, a hater, a liar and a dangerously violent man? Who wants handicapped children to be euthanized - MURDERED! KBOO, in this circumstance you are truly pathetic. You have let the good people of Portland down. And you've been conned. I hope your listeners don't get conned right along with you. Please, don't be fooled.

Whoever says that Kruger's racism and Nazism is merely "just an innocent hobby of his" do not know what they are talking about, although they might think that they do. Kruger can be convincing when denying the truth. Kruger is an accomplished liar as many sociopaths are. But make no mistake - Kruger is lying. Kruger hates black people. Kruger hates the homeless and the handicapped. And Kruger lied to get his job at PPB, concealing parts of his past (military thefts) from background investigators. How do I know this? Because Kruger told me all about it, and many of these things I also witnessed directly myself.

I spent the better part of 20 years as Kruger's close friend. I was there when Kruger told me that all the children at Shriner's Hospital in Portland (where I worked at the time) should be euthanized (MURDERED) and that devoting resources to handicapped children was "such a waste." I was there when Kruger would tell me how bad he thought black people were, and that sending them all back to Africa would not even be sufficient because the "North American Negro" was too dangerous and might come back. So genocide was the answer. I was there when Kruger told me that PPB was "nothing but garbage collectors" and Kruger insisted that if any of his people ever beat a suspect that he would not turn them in if he could get away with it. This was a form of so-called justice (revenge really) that Kruger felt the police should carry out on occasion themselves because the criminal justice system was so screwed up. Kruger also wanted to beat suspects with canes, as the police do in Singapore. But Kruger's idea was to beat them on the spot, and to have PPB supervisors do the beating (Kruger told me this when he was a supervisor - he was a sergeant). No court involved. The police as judge, jury and executioner. Kruger had no problem with that.

The Mark Kruger I know is a sociopath and a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain and uses his badge, his authority and his position as a police officer to hurt whoever he chooses when the opportunity presents itself. I've seen it and I have heard Kruger laugh to me about it afterward. Kruger enjoyed it. It makes my guts churn now. And then there are the fools who defend Kruger. Those people are either willfully ignorant or just as evil as Kruger is.

And what about the Nazi soldiers that Kruger chose for his memorial at Rocky Butte? Did you ask Kruger for details on that, KBOO?? They were not "just" soldiers. No, among those 5 men were enthusiastic Nazi party supporters, war criminals and butchers of human beings. For example, one of them named Major von Hirschfeld. Von Hirshfeld was responsible for the murder of 5,000 + Italian soldiers on the Greek island of Kefalonia in 1943. This was one of the largest mass executions of the war and it was carried out by the Nazi German Army (for all the Nazi apologists out there who try to blame everything on the SS - the German Army was the NAZI German Army and they murdered innocents, too). See for yourself, and pay special attention to the gruesome methods von Hirschfeld used in slaughtering all those people:


And yet these were the sort of men that Kruger chose to represent what he told me were the finest of the Nazi military and SS. These men were Kruger's idols. Not "just" German soldiers. Was von Stauffenberg, the German officer who courageously tried to kill Hitler in 1944 and was later executed by the Nazis, was he on Kruger's memorial? No. Of course not. Can you guess why not? It should be obvious.

KBOO, how about Kruger marrying his first wife, Dr Jennifer Lyons, at Berchtesgaden, Germany? It's in Bavaria and Hitler maintained his home nearby. It was called the "Berghof." During the Third Reich is was famous, as Hitler lived there and so did Eva Braun. Hitler even governed from the Berghof at times and met diplomats there. KBOO, why did Kruger travel all the way to Berchtesgaden to get married? Think it was just for the mountain scenery? Don't you understand what Kruger is?

KBOO, can you see the sort of evil that you are soft peddling here? Is it an "innocent hobby" to idolize Nazism and it's henchmen and murderers? An "innocent hobby" for a police captain who is entrusted with the power of life and death over people? And who manages other subordinates and their officers? Who serves as an example to them?? A police captain who has openly abused and hurt innocent people while on duty? A police captain who is a racist and a bigot? Consider yourself lucky to have never experienced the things I did while at Kruger's side. Consider yourself lucky to have never been physically attacked by him, knowing that he would never have to answer to anyone for it. Consider yourself lucky to be so ignorant. May you never know the terror in their eyes.

How do I know about the memorial? Because I helped Kruger build and maintain the damn thing for several years, as Kruger would pose for photographs nearby wearing reproduction Nazi uniforms. The same sort of uniforms worn by his idols that MURDERED PEOPLE! Uniforms with swastikas. I was the photographer using Kruger's camera. That's how I know.

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Innocent hobby? That's pure bullshit and Kruger knows it. And for that matter, so does PPB and the City Attorney's Office - who covered up evidence. And there is so much more. More than has ever been revealed publicly. And that's not all.

PPB IAD has investigated and supposedly the case is making it's way through the review process. And there are quite a few things going on that I cannot talk about right now, as I am waiting for PPB and the city to resolve the matter. But I won't wait much longer. And every rotten thing that IPR and PPB has pulled to try and bury all this will become known. And it reaches all the way to the City Attorney's Office, the Chief's Office and higher.

No matter what happens to me now, this can't be stopped anymore. The truth will come out. I only know what I know about Kruger because I was, for years, a racist, a hater and a neo-Nazi right along with him. But the difference between Kruger and I is that I am willing to admit my mistakes. I know I was wrong, more wrong than anything else in my life. It's a stain that will never come off my soul. But Mark Kruger is a different matter entirely. And Mark Kruger is lying to you.

Alan Graf is to be commended in coming forward with this, because in doing so Alan is risking his own safety. Alan's life was threatened during the civil excessive use of force case against Kruger that the city later settled out of court for a large sum of money. Someone came up to Alan in SE Portland and said his head would be blown off if he kept on lying. Alan was not lying and this was not an idle threat at all, given the sort of people involved here and the corruption that allows them to STILL hold powerful positions of trust and authority in PPB and elsewhere. I am a target, too. But I decided a long time ago that I was willing to pay the price that will likely come someday. What Kruger said and did makes me SICK. And what I did makes me SICK. And keeping quiet about it is perhaps even sicker, as it lets the Krugers of the world continue to get away with hurting people and worse. People in positions of knowledge about corruption, abuse of power and the abuse of human beings need to stand up and do the right thing.

Otherwise they are no better than the criminals in PPB who intentionally beat and murder the defenseless. I've seen the PPB beatings myself and more than once. Happening right in front of me. And sadly, there will be more abuse to come. The most vulnerable and people of color are the most in danger. People will die at the hands of PPB who did not have to die. And the thugs and murderers will get away with it as they always do in Multnomah county. The city wants you to think that things have changed. They haven't. It's just window dressing. Just you wait and see.

My apologies to the good people at PPB, I know some of you and it hurts that you often get painted with the same brush as Kruger and the rest of sadists, the bullies and the crooks who have no business wearing a uniform. You don't deserve that. I respect those of you who have not lost your integrity and your humanity. But the code of silence and the cover ups go on. And the PPB culture that allows these things continues unabated. IPR is incompetent, despite what they or the city will tell you. Who will protect us from the police? Most of the time... nobody at all...

And by the way... 09.Jul.2010 02:56

Bob Seaver unksub@ymail.com

Sources say that Captain Kruger will soon be moving from Central Precinct (Downtown) to East Precinct, where Kruger will remain a captain for now. Kruger was a lieutenant at East before getting promoted and I understand that some officers there used to call him "Der Fuhrer" behind his back.

I'm sure that Kruger will act professionally in front of a civilian audience and be the very picture of community policing to the diverse population out there. Never mind that Kruger told me himself that East was terrible because it was filled with Hispanics, packed into cheap apartment complexes that seemed to stretch uninterrupted all the way out to Gresham. Those were Kruger's words and he acted disgusted when he said them. This was at the PPB Traffic Division on MLK and another (white) officer close by got a good laugh out of it, too. And Kruger had particularly harsh words for Parkrose, where he grew up. Kruger called Parkrose a "cesspool."

Kruger told the Portland media repeatedly that these things about him are untrue. Ok then Captain Kruger, why not sue me for libel and/or slander? Go ahead and prove me wrong if you are right. Of course, you will be in open court under oath yourself and we can't handle that, now can we? You can spin your lies however you like in the corporate media. But in court and under oath it's perjury.

And you know what that means.

thanks Bob 09.Jul.2010 07:14


Thank you for your courage and effort Bob.

and thanks Alan 09.Jul.2010 07:16


Big thanks to both of you for your persistent effort and courage. You are greatly appreciated by Portlanders who are live under the gun of these sociopaths.
Time to fight back!!!


Lew Church, PSU Progressive Student Union lewchurch@gmail.com

Red and Black's recent decision not continuing to serve a uniformed Portland police officer (asking him to leave after he got coffee) was the right decision, despite KPAM's Victoria Taft and the Oregonian claiming as many as 20,000 people on a website as now boycotting Red & Black: none of those people had probably ever been to Red & Black to start with.

However, whither KBOO? KBOO is another of our community institutions, and in 2009, at least, on Ani Haines and Joanne Bowman's programs, Transit Riders Union and Tenant Rights Project organizers were able to appear on those shows. (And does Jenka still work at KBOO, or is she no longer there??).

A recent letter to the editor of the newly-revitalized Portland Alliance, asked about the overall state of health of KBOO in 2010. In past years, many KBOO dissidents, fromm Paul Richmond and Ace Hayes to Lloyd Marbet, at one point, have asked what direction KBOO is moving in. If the current KBOO board president is defending Mark Kruger's "innocent hobby" perhaps it is time for the KBOO board to replace that president?

One Transit Riders Union organizer, in 2010, has felt KBOO has not been covering either transit organizing (ie, the current Reedville Cafe Boycott to Elect the TriMet Board), after three rounds of so-called austerity bus and MAX cuts, plus two fare hikes (including gutting Fareless Square, despite TRU turning in 1,400 signatures to keep Fareless Square free for buses).

In addition, in 2010, so far, KBOO has not covered the continuing slumlord mismanagement practices of Central City Concern, including rocks being thrown through the window of CCC's CEO by disgruntled tenants, a recent picket of the CEO's office, and a retaliatory eviction campaign being waged since late 2009 by CCC against activist tenants.

Does defending police misconduct, racism, fascism by a KBOO official also bleed over into KBOO becoming less interested in focusing on community organizing, while listenership moves towards KPOJ and/or KBPS stations? Is the board and staff -- as raised in the recent letter to July issue of the Portland Alliance -- running roughshod over station volunteers and members?

[Disclaimer: I was a sub-host at KBOO for the live call in morning talk programs, and had an on-call political music program on after live city council session broadcasts -- which are no longer carried by KBOO).


PO Box 40011, Portland, Oregon 97240

KBOO owes the Community a response 11.Jul.2010 18:42


KBOO is a community supported radio station. The President of KBOO is defending a dubious police commander with an allegiance to a community that contradicts every value KBOO stands for. Why does KBOO remain silent?

KBOO's Response?? 13.Jul.2010 19:31

Alan Graf alangraf@aracnet.com


Besides writing this piece on Indy, I also wrote KBOO via their website, copied all of their staff via email and left a vm with Ani Haines, their volunteer coordinator--Nada, nada, nada--for a response. Wow!!! Unfortunately, at least on this issue, I live in Tennessee, so its up to you die hard radicals to do some agitation over at KBOO. Hey, I am sure Becky is a good person at heart, but for her to defend in public, on KBOO, Mark Kruger, a confirmed Nazi lover, leftie hater, intolerant police captain--confirmed by mountains of evidence including his own recent admission to WWeek that he built a Nazi memorial cemetery in a Portland public park--how worse can it get???-

And Becky--when you called into the program you didn't even tell me you are KBOO's President--that is off the wall. And for Becky's 9-5 job, she defends police brutality. President of KBOO? I hear third hand the staff are getting riled up about this, but Becky doesn't tolerate dissent.

KBOO? KBOO? This is like a bad twilight zone episode.

Alan Graf

Doesnt KBOO read indy media? 14.Jul.2010 16:56

joe anybody

I was curious about their 2 cents on this

A startling dichotomy isn't it 14.Jul.2010 21:52


There are so many things about this story that are disturbing. A hobby....Really!! A fucking hobby.. This came out of your mouth? What the fuck are you thinking, what is up with that.

Ideology shouldn't matter for a police officer?! 14.Jul.2010 22:09

The Stuttering Owl

I think that employees on most jobs are entitled, under the First Amendment, to their own personal ideologies and hobbies,they may have the 'right', I suppose, to belong to "hate groups". That said,I think American citizens have the right to expect and to demand that politicians and public servants are held to higher standards than the average Joe Blow on the street.

Can we wage a "Becky recall petition"? 14.Jul.2010 22:42

The Stuttering Owl

I don't think members should tolerate an apologist for police brutality, much less a Nazi apologist to be the President of KBOO's board of directors. I propose that someone should draft a recall petition; I would certainly sign it.

Thank you Bob Seaver! 14.Jul.2010 22:57

The Stuttering Owl

Thank you Bob for providing so many more ugly details about Capt. Kruger. I think all of us in Portland needed to know those little tidbits. Thank you for your courage.

KBOO is not a singular entity 15.Jul.2010 06:31

The Schnifter

The important point is that KBOO is not a singular entity; it's a volunteer organization run by a lot of people with disparate motives. So, while we're concerned about the apparent head of the station having some very disturbing views and some even more troubling conflicts of interest (to put it mildly. The whole thing stinks like COINTELPRO), don't forget that there are many people within the organization that ARE dedicated to anti-imperialism, anti-racism, police accountability. There is a lot of dissent in the station right now. There was recently an ouster of the station's manager which was spearheaded by members and staff, NOT the governing board.

But I would agree with those that say that KBOO's 'lost its way...', etc. It needs new blood and is struggling with declining listenership, its seeming inability to come to terms with the 21st century technology-wise and dwindling economic resources.

I would say, if you still believe in local media, become involved with KBOO, help ouster the fascist elements therein and help create the radio station you feel ought to be in Portland. There are a lot of hardworking volunteers and staff who really do care and you can bet that they are fighting for this seeming police provocateur's ejection from the board.

That said, I am a longtime KBOO financial supporter and I am telling KBOO that I am ending my monthly contribution until the remove the city's police risk assessor and police brutality and neo-nazi apologist from the board.

Call Becky's Boss and ask her why Becky supports Nazi's 15.Jul.2010 07:56


It's true, things are pretty messed up at kboo. I am a volunteer. In the past year the board president and the past president defended the station manager after a sexual harassment charge was made. Rather than conduct a a neutral investigation they decided based on their personal relationships with the manager he just couldn't be capable of such a thing, grilling the victim as to what she may have done to encourage the harassment. Becky decided that while holding the position of President, to hold the manager's "feelings" as more important than the interest of KBOO. This is because as a lawyer, Becky thought she is the most competent person to investigate the harassment claim. Instead of firing the manager or putting him on leave, his resignation was accepted, but then spun the story, saying he was being laid off do to budget issues. it was a lie.

Now Becky calls into a talk radio program defending a Nazi supporter, stating the officer's Nazi support is "an innocent hobby." Sure, the tattooed numbers on my great aunt's arm, was a hobby by the Nazi's who put it there and murdered her other family members. How out of touch can a person be.

the kboo web site has been stripped of alan graf's comments repeatedly in an attempt to hide this embarrassment. Censorship by Becky, I'm guessing. comments on the kboo web site about this are not being allowed to be made. You should contact Becky directly and ask wtf is up with this. Here is the department organization chart and a link to Becky's boss's phone number.



postscript 15.Jul.2010 10:34


one more thing. no, a couple more things, actually.

one: kboo has a right to free speech. How about some anecdotal arguments right back atcha: I was told by a so-called anti-racist activist that they could not allow me to accompany an affinity group to an anti-nazi demo (south of Portland) because "of my brown skin, which was a security threat they weren't willing to [babysit]". Later at the rally I saw a gazillion brown people happily confronting the nazis and not posing a security threat to anyone at all. People say stupid shit. Most of them are never educated on the wrongness of their statements. That is the glorious beauty of the 1st amendment. You had the opportunity to rebutt because YOU WERE A GUEST who was ON AIR. If these statements were made why couldn't you counter them yourself?

two: kboo's board is elected by its members. This is a pretty transparent process. Seriously, even if it has indeed "lost its way", we're not talking about clear channel here.

three: could we possibly get some hard dates in this account? Also, I'm intrigued: Did Lisa or someone else verify that the voice on the phone was actually who you say it was? Very sloppy on details. Please amend. thanks.

my first comment never posted 15.Jul.2010 11:12


My first comment never showed up, only my "postscript" so that doesn't make much sense to folks, does it.

Hey, I'm willing to take a look at KBOO, but the gist of my first post was to object to the tactic of bullying, heavily used in Portland's activist "community". It's no surprise to me that Alan Graf also was part of the scene which bullied me and isolated me out of the Portland "peace movement" because I suggested that US policies in response to 9/11 would not be limited to the Middle East. For that comment I was labeled a propagandist, and when I began to object Alan Graf joined the group, and without ever having heard the comment which labeled me a propagandist, defended the attack on my character. In other words, he had no context of the conversation, but true enough to form, his white male american privilege allowed him to join the side of that attack without even realizing what he was doing.

Everybody needs to take a step back. Does KBOO actually provide material support to this side? Who confirmed that the voice on the phone was really the president? Why does someone who lives in Tennessee the LEAD behind this effort? FUck whether or not KBOO reads portland imc (if they like news which cite their sources like me, they DON'T regularly visit the site because it is made up of members who aren't held to a uniform standard -- Sounds kind of like KBOO doesn't it?) --

why don't any KBOO members make the change happen by leading the effort to do so? Seriously, this guy moved out of Portland YEARS AGO. Since I was born in an asian colony I am extremely skeptical of people who rally from outside an area they live in when KBOO members who are a part of the organization should be the most dominant in this conversation.

Otherwise, if they're not, then they're sheep, so why do you give a shit? my god. there is SO MUCH work to do -- and I see so much has not changed with activists in the Portland area.

Becky on KBOO 15.Jul.2010 11:48

Dan troutmask420@hotmail.com

the caller to Lisa's show featuring Alan Graf was definitely Becky. I attend KBOO's board meetings and her voice is very recognizable. And she is Risk Mgr. for the city of Portland. We NEED to remove her from the board or KBOO's credibility is null and void in my book and I'm a member of 20 years!

previous post 15.Jul.2010 13:16

trout troutmask420@hotmail.com

the previous post I made was referring to anzu's inquiry, not Dan. Sorry - I've been reading so much this morning I messed that up ...

No response from KBOO? 15.Jul.2010 14:31


Arm-chair anger doesn't do a whole lot.

Personally, I'm amazed KBOO hasn't taken an official position on Beck Chaio's comments. Apologizing for a Nazi sympathizer is completely unacceptable. Even if Kruger was not a Nazi sympathizer, his conduct as a police Captain is highly objectionable and very public.

In my opinion, Chaio's former position with the city, combined with her apology of one of the most objectionable characters in the Portland Police, clearly demonstrates her conflict of interest. I'm not sure the total number of activists arrested during this year's police brutality riots, but it's somewhere near 20 - not a number easily dismissed. The number of arrests has possibly been higher than any other radical movement in Portland. This demonstrates that the issue of policing is contentious, and the citizens are passionate.

Is is responsible for KBOO to maintain a president with a clear conflict of interest in one the most pressing issues in Portland?

I think not.

I am conflicted, should I join KBOO to help vote the board out, or should non-members just try to influence current members?

** ATTENTION EVERYONE ** 15.Jul.2010 17:37

Defender of Rights

KBOO Board President Becky Chaio speaks on KBOO air waves to defend known Nazi
support of the Portland Police.

After nearly 2 weeks, KBOO staff and board have said NOTHING to indicate that Ms. Chaio's statements do not reflect the sentiments of KBOO!!!

MY GOD, what has happened to KBOO? No wonder the KBOO membership is in a nose-dive!

We need to send a message to KBOO! 16.Jul.2010 11:30

Father knows best!

We all need to STOP our EFT's and other contributions to KBOO, along with showing up at every future board meeting and general membership meeting. KBOO has a Nazi defender as their president, and she needs to go. Until she goes, KBOO gets NO support.

Just do it becky 17.Jul.2010 16:41


This is not the first error on your part. Step down now. You, Becky, may believe you are well-intentioned but time has demonstrated you do not have the leadership skills to take KBOO into the future. Aside from KBOO, your position and what you do at the City is in direct conflict with KBOO values.

Defending murderous police, it's all out in the open and there are many people now aware of your duties. That cannot be repaired. Spare us your proclamations of open-mindedness. In the past you have shown you are only willing to consider opinions that are aligned with your own, and dismissive of dissenters.

We all make mistakes, but defending a Nazi sympathizer is grievous. We have relatives who were murdered by Nazi's. It's as if you were working for Hitler's risk management department, defending this cop who should not be in uniform or carrying a gun. Shame on you.

Your comment that Kruger's Nazi involvement is a hobby is and will be unforgivable. It is a testimony to your lack of judgment and frankly your character. You can't take your words back. Now you want to apologize for your careless remarks. That's great, but resign your position. You do more harm than good, and have brought very little to KBOO's benefit in your time there.

The time has come... 18.Jul.2010 11:17

Left off the left!

Becky doesn't understand and she clearly does not want to understand. Becky thinks she is right and simply dismisses anyone who is not in agreement with her thoughts. We need to speak with our wallets and not support KBOO until she is off the KBOO board. We also need to start showing up to KBOO board meetings in large numbers to express our un-happiness with her and KBOO (for allowing someone like her to become president).

We have to act, and act NOW! The next board meeting is July 26, 6 PM, at the KBOO studio.

Becky's offer 19.Jul.2010 08:05

Almost former member of KBOO

Becky, go ahead and have your meeting and spin your spin. Many of us are familiar with how you handle controversy, and it isn't good. The board meeting is a better place to have this discussion in order for the rest of the board to witness it. And I am planning to ask for your resignation, or ask the board to remove you. If you have not resigned or been removed by the following Monday, I will discontinue my membership until you are gone.

Becky should reisgn! 19.Jul.2010 10:14

another almost former member

See you at the board meeting on the 26th. Anyone interested in commenting, you can sign up to speak for 3 minutes, prior the meeting. Step down Becky, please save all of us the time and let KBOO move towards becoming a collective without your constant spin and denial.

More on Becky Kruger etc 19.Jul.2010 10:51

Jaques Vache

This has generated a lot of heat so I decided to go back and re-listen to what Becky said.. Here it is as much as my limited transcribing abilities can decypher... "One thing I object to on.. about the Kroger thing is that you are just kind of criticizing him for his hobbies and beliefs or whatever and not for what he's done and that we wouldn't want people to criticize us for our lifestyles." I don't see this as defending Kroger's Nazi fetish, but more to the point of not judging someone's job performance by outside hobbies/beleifs/whatever.. I disagree with Becky's assertion here, but I do think she has an arguable point about open mindedness. (That said, Kroger's Nazi-ism does cast a light on his other behavior, but it's really his other behavior as a police officer that is offensive.) I really think people have blown this a bit out of proportion.. like rabid dogs on a slab of meat, really... but that's just my thought..

Where is everyone coming from? 19.Jul.2010 11:21

Yvette Maranowski

I have been speaking out about kboo problems for at least 3-4 years now, and I was banished for it. I have still continued to go to the board meetings---where at the last time Becky made me hold my hand up for 40 minutes to speak---but I don't see many other people at the board meetings and going through this crap.

The purpose of the media as an organization, is to "spread the word," so that we can make deep change and prevent disasters like the current kboo disaster. It only enhances what we're already doing. But what are we doing? "We" don't have a history of spreading the word about kboo (where we first FIND OUT about it by listening to each other, going to board meetings and such, etc.). "We," are the ones who voted for Becky, despite people like me having already spoken out about kboo abuses and inaccountability three kboo presidencies ago.

Fine, everyone's catching on to it right now. Great, you want Becky out, and so do I. She's a mis-match and her unchecked discrimination (dismissiveness) has brought the organization down. But where is this barbaric pig-piling thing coming from?

It's totally unnecessary for people to do this pig-piling, taunting thing as if you wanted to be-head Becky like a medieval spectacle, as if you were so powerless and have to go to this extreme.....when we all could have used our power to listen to each other a long time ago.

Yes, Jaques Vache 19.Jul.2010 11:39

Yvette Maranowski

"...it's really his other behavior as a police officer that is offensive" BINGO, you hit the nail on the head.

I very much define myself as a mothers' rights advocate, but my root activism was as a child having great empathy for the animals. People putting cats in microwaves, etc. I very truly hate people either being violent in power over situations, or using viscousness in order to create power over situations. I see the same "animal" imagery that you do, it jumps off the page.

I think people feel the need to appear vicious because they feel powerless on how to right kboo. But there are better ways, and those better ways are the types of things that need to be written about and posted on indymedia (and kboo for that matter).

That said...........yes, totally, Becky should have been able to see Kruger's offensive behavior as a police officer, and I would like an explanation to THAT. THAT's totally key. I may ask about that at the next board meeting......

Yvette 19.Jul.2010 18:29


you were banished, as you say, because you're a perpetual victim. acting passive aggressive etc. the folks here at indy media had to put up with you and KBOO volunteers and staff have had to endure your "circular logic" as well. i witnessed a few of your outbursts and you are clearly not suited emotionally or otherwise to work with others at KBOO. it's not all about "the team of us" as you say. there are a few people who brought on their own demise themselves; you are one of the three, out of hundreds of us who work together just fine.

Bob Seaver 19.Jul.2010 19:08

kboo person

Has Bob Seaver been given extensive, in-depth airtime at kboo? He should be.

Bob S 19.Jul.2010 20:47

Almost former member of KBOO

I'll bet if you send Lisa Loving, Dave Mazza, or Joanne Bowman a link to this thread with his comments, and suggest him as a guest, it could happen.

Jacques 21.Jul.2010 08:50

Almost former member of KBOO

Jacques, if you add this episode to other incidents at KBOO involving Becky, there is a pattern of behavior that indicates that she is unfit to be a board member or president. She jumped to the station manager's defense when he was accused (rightfully) of sexual harassment of another board member, and even accused the victim of leading the SM on (Not true). The board pres is NOT there to prop up the SM. Think of branches of government and checks & balances.Worse, she and another board member supressed dissent from volunteers, and have actually censored volunteers by using the so-called House Rules"as a weapon. The board is there to supervise the SM, to set policy and pass the annual budget. They also have a duty to understand the mission of KBOO, but clearly, Becky does not have that understanding, otherwise she would have kept her views to herself.

Becky needs to go.... 21.Jul.2010 10:09


Becky please resign or be forced out.

Several have been excluded from this meeting! 22.Jul.2010 15:49


Becky is already scheming how to escape this. She has excluded many people from KBOO, but she can not exclude them from Board meetings as they are required to be open to the public by state law. So my scheduling a seperate meeting to discuss her Nazi support statements, she excludes anyone that she has banned from the building (which is almost everyone who has ever spoken against something she believes in).

I'm skipping her special meeting tonight. I'll be at the board meeting next monday evening to ask for her resignation.

Becky is unaccountable and Arrogant 23.Jul.2010 09:01

KBOO Supporter Unless Becky Chiao Stays

If you read Becky's "Apology" and subsequent comments on the KBOO web page, you can see how she is avoiding accountability by making excuses and trying to blame those "mean" people who aren't being nice to her. She is showing incredible arrogance by saying she won't resign because of a void of leadership at KBOO. Becky, the lack of leadership is NOT your problem, and its YOU who is the problem Now go away.

new controversy at KBOO - sexual harassment, racial harassemnt and intimidation! 04.Sep.2010 00:13


Apparently KBOO Board Member Deena Barnwell verbally attacked a fellow board member after a recent board meeting and then went after a staff member.

That staff member is now filing charges of General Harassment, Racial Harassment and Sexual Harassment against Deena Barnwell.
Reportedly, this was all witnessed by another board member!

How does these types of problems keep happening at KBOO?

Racial and Sexual Harassment again at KBOO! 04.Sep.2010 00:17


Apparently KBOO Board Member Deena Barnwell verbally attacked a fellow board member after a recent board meeting and then went after a staff member.

That staff member is now filing charges of General Harassment, Racial Harassment, and Sexual Harassment against Deena Barnwell.
Reportedly, this was all witnessed by another board member!

Why do these types of problems keep happening at KBOO?

Yeah, 11.Sep.2010 11:17


DENIAL of reality can be endemic at the BOO, especially with long-timers. 40% of KBOO's entire membership LEAVES KBOO every year (I would characterize this as "droves"). Too bad for the ones who remain, they live in a swill-filled fishbowl, too murky for them to see things as they really are.

The fact of the matter is that Deena Barnwell is probably the most offensive person at KBOO. She freaks out on anyone who she doesn't agree with and threatens them in whatever way she can. And KBOO lets her do it!!! THAT, dear readers, is the NEWS THAT KBOO DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW....

Why don't they want you to know? Because, knowing full well Deena Barnwell's longstanding history of KBOO member abuse, the board of directors specifically chose Deena Barnwell because they knew she would go along with whatever illicit activity they had in store. They chose her over other people specifically because the other people would do the right thing for KBOO.

You see, at KBOO, if you are guilty of bad behavior AND you tow the party line (what's the difference?), then you are granted the privilege of being able to get away with repeated offenses. Theresa's wife, Ani, is the one who is supposed to discipline people like Deena Barnwell, but never will. And of course then, predictably, if you are nice to people and good for KBOO, but you DON'T tow the party line, then OMG lookout, the cannons are pointed at you.

This may explain why Ani appeared so banishment happy on the air Thursday night, pulling out every slogan in her arsenal of hip-sounding progressive lingo (much needed to cover up fascist intentions). You see, Ani touts KBOO's paternalistic "House Rules" as if they are "proof" that KBOO is a civil place goddamnit. She is responsible for enforcing those house rules..............and yet under Ani's loving care, Deena Barwell has been nurtured into a vehement bigot, who freaks out on anyone who is different from her. The way Ani deals with who is truly offensive in her eyes though---political dissenters and whistle-blowers---is to banish them.

So you can see a little of how KBOO works now. The offensive are nurtured, and those who dare speak the truth of such repugnancy....are banished. And then you get that yucky fishbowl thing happening...

And what qualifies me as a neutral observer? I once thought that Deena Barnwell was over her past, and I wanted Deena Barnwell to be appointed to the board. But as soon as Deena Barnwell was on the board, she stopped marketing herself as a progressive and she could not contain her myopic, anti-diversity, and hostile stance any longer.

I can learn from my mistakes, and for the good of us all, I hope that KBOO can too.

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