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President of KBOO is an Nazi Apologist

The President of KBOO is a Nazi Apologist and works for the city of Portland defending Police Brutality
Becky Chiao, is the current President of the KBOO board of directors.

She is a lawyer and former member of the National Lawyers Guild.

For the past number of years she has worked for Risk Management for the city of Portland defending police brutality incidents.

Recently, when I was on Lisa Loving's show as a guest attorney, I spoke about my own personal experience with Captain Mark Kruger who has a documented history of being a Nazi sympathizer and lover of Nazi culture and artifacts. We have videos, affidavits and photos to prove all of this. He has also been documented through videos and testimony as intolerant of diverse views and been shown to be very violent against people who he didn't like, particularly those on the left, time and time again. Yet, he was promoted to Captain of Downtown precinct.

On Lisa's show I spoke out on the air questioning why the city wold promote such a man who recently admitted in WWeek that he has put together a memorial park in Portland for fallen Nazi soldiers.

Becky Chiao called in to the program and defended Kruger and stated "it is just an innocent hobby of his" and I shouldn't be picking on him.
Becky said nothing at the time that she was currently KBOO's president. This is the same line that was used by the city to defend Kruger's actions when we sued the city for police brutality against protesters of the Iraq war. The city later conceded and settled the case.

I now find out that Becky is President of KBOO's board and I am simply aghast and dismayed that KBOO would allow a Nazi apologist to be its President. Rosie Sizer's schedule also shows Becky Chiao meeting with Sizer previous to a meeting Sizer was planning to have with Joann Bowman about Police brutality and profiling. It is safe to assume that Chiao was prepping the Chief for the meeting.

For years, KBOO has been the voice against police brutality in this city. Now it has an employee of the city of Portland who defends police brutality as its President. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Please feel free to publish my letter wherever you choose to do so.


Alan Graf

homepage: homepage: http://www.hippelawyer.com

link to "Nazis and Police in Portland Oregon" 08.Jul.2010 12:15

repost from zinelibrary.info

What say you 08.Jul.2010 13:17

Joe Anybody

Hey Becky

Is this true?

Are you really a Nazi sympathizer?

This would be a good place to 'tell your side'

I respect Alan and his logic, and I dont know you, but I am inclined to believe that

you are defending this (sic) nazi / hobbiest / and Mr Kruger

And just from what I have read in this open community post it seems you have taken a public opinion on this.

I am curious from the perspective that your the president of KBOO's board and this is your position.

Hippie Lawyer & Community Activist Alan Graf on Police Accountability 11.Jul.2010 16:27

Justin Case

KBOO current Board of Directors President- Rebecca "Becky" Chiao calls into KBOO morning talk show. Please go to about 23 minutes into the recording (or it will read about 31 minutes remaining) to hear Ms. Chiao. She said she works for the City of Portland, but did not disclose that she works for the "Risk Management" Department. Risk Management handles legal settlements on incidents such as Portland POLICE shootings and other abuse by officers and other misc. claims against the city.


Audio by title talk_radio_20100602 --52:58 minutes (24.25 MB)
Hippie Lawyer & Community Activist Alan Graf on Police Accountability
Submitted by Steve Nassar on Wed, 06/02/2010 - 12:16pm
Categories: Police abuse
program: Talk Radio
program date: Wed, 06/02/2010
Host Lisa Loving and her special guest, Alan Graf, talk about Police Accountability.

Becky Chiao 15.Jul.2010 01:10

Yaney LA MacIver sweetheartofthevalley@gmail.com

Well Alan,

It might not be too far to construe that the Portland Police might have put Becky up to stand for election at KBOO. Remember the "Healthy Staions Project". And KBOO has been really strange about banning lately. One person is even disallowed from requesting public documents that FCC regulations require anyone to see. Hell they banned Cherie for being a bit to vociferious about not liking a proposed KBOO logo. So she is no longer allowed in the station. What's really ironic about this is that at the Annual Meeting where we/they passed the board removal option and the new "conflict resolution" process it was the elected board of director, Cherie, that told Michael that he should "sue us" if he disagreed with the passage of the amendment to the bylaws. And now both of them are banned; Michael because he did sue; Scott because he did sue over being removed as a director. And they cancelled a show on Tibet that Scott had prepared. Very sad.

Strange she, Becky, has been following me on Twitter, since the lawsuits. Her Twitter comments are always rather vapid IMHO. And there's some strange thing about her attending the same synagogue as Barbara Bernstein, maybe that is in rumor land. But you might remember how Barbara voted about the "healthy stations project". And how she and Celeste covered for Susan White.

Alan's letter 15.Jul.2010 09:46

trout troutmask420@hotmail.com

I signed into KBOO's website and reposted Alan's letter here:  http://kboo.fm/node/21803 . And do listen to the podcast of the June broadcast with Alan as the guest. We'll see if it stays up or it is censored. feel free to leave comments yourself... 'plants that cannot bloom by day, must flower in the night' ! Becky needs to step down or be forced out, which shall it be?

Becky needs to go! 15.Jul.2010 15:40


Becky has been the stone chain around kboo's neck for a long time.

Next KBOO Board meeting 15.Jul.2010 22:37

G VIoletta

People, the next KBOO board meeting will be on Monday, July 26, 6 PM at KBOO, 20 SE 8th Ave. If you are a KBOO member and are appalled that our board president called the talk sow to defend Mark Kruger's Nazi glorification as a harmless lifestyle choice, please show up for public comment at 6 PM.

No response from KBOO!!! SHOCKING! 16.Jul.2010 11:35


This Neo-Nazi support from the KBOO President has not resulted in ANY statement from KBOO indicating that KBOO does not agree with what the KBOO President has said in relation to supporting Neo-Nazi activities. Shame on KBOO! My contribution to them expires in 6 weeks, it will not be renewed.

Quick response to Indymedia 17.Jul.2010 12:21

Becky Chiao

Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I just found out about these internet discussions on Thursday and have been playing catch-up.

My statement on Lisa's show was my own and was not made on behalf of the KBOO Board or the KBOO Foundation (or on behalf of the City of Portland).

After talking to Alan on the phone this morning, I will be posting a response for the KBOO website this weekend. It will include an apology for my inaccurate and insenstive remarks. I do believe and have always believed that white supremicist ideologies are horribly wrong and have lead to unfathomable human suffering.

There are lots of challenges facing KBOO. My personal approach toward facing these challenges is through open-minded discussion. But if it becomes clear that my statements have eroded my credibility to such an extent or pose such a distraction that I should not be in a leadership position at the station, I will step down.

I think it is incorrect to say that I don't tolerate dissent. I would be happy to answer questions about who I am and what I think, but I'm not sure how much of that to do on the web via online forums. I'd like to set up a time to talk to concerned people about this in advance of the KBOO Board's monthly meeting so as not to take up time set for station business talking about me. In the meantime, I can be reached via  email--becky@herfingertips.com and from there can arrange to talk on the phone on in person.

KBOO members interested in running for the board in this September's election have until July 30 to submit their candidacy paperwork. For more information see:  http://kboo.fm/governance

I hope that those of you considering ending your station membership will reconsider and ultimately find that with your help KBOO can remain a vitally important resource for social justice in our community.

Becky should reisgn! 18.Jul.2010 09:29


Becky, do the right thing and turn in your resignation, please. We will be at the next board meeting to tell you we want you to step out of the way. Hopefully, you come to your senses before then - if not be prepared to do so at the board meeting itself.

Alan Graf's response ... 18.Jul.2010 10:43



Here are some posts of mine following my conversation with Becky that you can share with KBOO and Indymedia.


As to Becky, she called me up today and I spoke with her for over an hour trying to explain to her what was wrong about her publicly supporting a Nazi cop. The conversation was civil, but she never apologized or admitted wrong doing or error on her part. She is very vested in her own self image as reasonable and believes that Vera and Rosie were good leaders, thus she took their word that Kruger had committed no wrong doing. I told her that was lazy and she needed to do her own investigations. I am glad that a bunch of you are following through on this, as I explained very clearly to Becky legitimizing Nazi behaviors, obsessions, or hobbies, particularly by people in positions of authority and power--is not only a mistake but promotes a huge injustice and great insensitivity not fitting for someone in the position as KBOO's President. I suggested resignation and/or an apology. She didn't seem to be interested in either although she did say she would do what was best for KBOO. We'll see.

More on Becky--Becky has been working for the city for so long she has only one perspective. For instance, when I said, Portland's police were one of the worst in the country in terms of accountability and brutality-she disagreed and said they were one of the best and had won awards for their excellence. Also, she told me she had a lot of respect for Vera Katz and Chief Sizer--both of who I personally found to be stalwart supporters for minimum to no police accountability and transparency. Dan Handleman and others who have monitored the police and dealt with Sizer and Katz would agree with me. So, yes there is a difference of opinion and of course she is entitled to those opinions--but it would be like having a right wing talk show host as president of KBOO--maybe not that far-but in that direction. Its not a fit--she maybe a good administrator and organizer--but her soul has been co-opted by her years defending the bureau.


re: Alan Graf's response ... 18.Jul.2010 16:22


also posted to KBOO's website, here:  http://kboo.fm/node/21803

My Longer Statement is on the KBOO Website at the Link in Trout's Post Above 19.Jul.2010 05:55

Becky Chiao

I wouldn't agree with every aspect of Alan's account of our conversation, but I'm not going to try to refute each thing I disagree with on the internet.

Talking with Alan to be very helpful in understanding where he is coming from and it did lead to my apology. We not only talked about police accountability but also about the challenges faced by KBOO board members. It is true that I said my primary concern is what is best for KBOO.

I signed up for a space at KBOO on Thursday night July 22 from 8-10 pm (the only time I saw available) to talk to concerned members in person about this. I do want to approach these issues reasonably and would like to make sure that reasonableness is more than just my self-image, but an actual attribute of how I act and make decisions.

Becky's special meeting 20.Jul.2010 18:32


Becky is trying to move any discussion that would have taken place on this issue from the board meeting to the special meeting she has set. It's easier for her to spin when she is not in a board meeting and she can set the rules easier.

NO, this needs to all be done in a board meeting, so it is a part of the record. This all has to do with her conduct as as the elected board president of KBOO, the leader and voice of KBOO. Her special meeting is not the correct place, the board meeting is the correct place.

Becky please resign your position a as a KBOO board member before the meeting to save yourself and KBOO a big embarrassment.

Becky Chiao dumps herself from KBOO Presidency. Some more directors need to go 25.Jul.2010 00:13


One down, how many more to go ?


Becky Chiao's blog
Announcing new board president
Submitted by Becky Chiao on Sat, 07/24/2010 - 12:36pm

Hi there. I wanted to let people know that I stepped down from the board
president position Thursday night and the new board president is Louis Sowa.

I hope that people will work with Louis and the rest of the board (which I
haven't left yet) with a spirit of shared community.

There is a board member election coming up, candidate statement/applications
are due July 30.  http://kboo.fm/governance

Becky Chiao dumps herself from KBOO Presidency. Some more directors need to go 25.Jul.2010 00:15


One down, how many more to go ?


Becky Chiao's blog
Announcing new board president
Submitted by Becky Chiao on Sat, 07/24/2010 - 12:36pm

Hi there. I wanted to let people know that I stepped down from the board
president position Thursday night and the new board president is Louis Sowa.

I hope that people will work with Louis and the rest of the board (which I
haven't left yet) with a spirit of shared community.

There is a board member election coming up, candidate statement/applications
are due July 30.  http://kboo.fm/governance

KBOO president has resigned that office 25.Jul.2010 00:36


One down, how many more to go ?

one down, how many more will listen to members?

Under KBOO Bylaws the directors could have removed their President
eith or without cause, but she chose to resign.

KBOO Bylaws provid that the vacany created shall be filled
by the Board of Directors at the first meting folowing the vacancy -- that meeting
is on Monday, July 26 at 6pm


Becky Chiao's blog
Announcing new board president
Submitted by Becky Chiao on Sat, 07/24/2010 - 12:36pm

Hi there. I wanted to let people know that I stepped down from the board
president position Thursday night and the new board president is Louis Sowa.

I hope that people will work with Louis and the rest of the board (which I
haven't left yet) with a spirit of shared community.

There is a board member election coming up, candidate statement/applications
are due July 30.  http://kboo.fm/governance


KBOO Bylaws allow for this resignation but they also require the directors to fill the resultinh vacancy at their next meeting -- which is tomorrow Monday at 6pm

Nazi apologist still a KBOO Director 30.Jul.2010 16:42


On June 02, 2010, Lisa Loving had Alan Graf on her KBOO talk show as a guest - describing his experience with the Portland Police Department's very own Nazi sympathizer, Capt. Kruger . It seems that the good Captain got married at Hitler's summer villa in Germany, and he put together a memorial park for fallen Nazi soldiers in S.E. Portland. Alan Graf had other pertinent information to share:
Saprize! Saprize! Would ya believe it?! There seems to be extensive video and other testimony which documents Capt. Kruger's intolerance for diversity, and/ or for the "left" (anyone to the left of Hitler or Genghis Khan?) and his frequent, "gleeful" use of excessive violence. Who woulda thought?! Nazis, as I recall, weren't especially known for a kindlier, gentler approach. - rather they retain a reputation as bullies and thugs.
Becky Chiao had ruffled a number of KBOO's members because of comments she made when she called into Lisa Loving's talk show to defend Kruger. Of some interest to many KBOO members is the fact that Becky Chiao, until this Monday's board meeting, was the President of the KBOO board of directors. Becky spoke only for a few moments, but Becky's statements - on air and in a letter she later posted on KBOO's website - reveal more about her than I think she meant to divulge. (The audio recording of that show and Becky's letter can be found here:  http://kboo.fm/node/21803 )
Becky Chiao called in to the program and defended Kruger and stated
"it is just an innocent hobby of his"; she thought Alan shouldn't deny Kruger his right to his own "ideology", "lifestyle", or "hobby".

Sorry, some of us citizens think that it is our right - even our DUTY - to insist that politicians and public servants SERVE only at our pleasure, and their ideologies are very much our business, especially since Capt. Kruger has been known to take out his ire upon peace demonstrators - types whose contrasting ideology is often that of Gandhi.
In Portland, I suspect that many taxpayers - as taxpayers - would like to exercise their right to cancel any future paychecks made out in the Capt.'s name. Unfortunately, as Beckie reminded Portland in a letter posted to KBOO (thank you Beckie!), Portland's oblivious political leadership has not taken any action about Kruger; Vera Katz and Police Chief Rosie Sizer, in particular, put their stamp of approval upon Kruger, so that fine officer, sic, remains a stain on Portland's police force.
(I will not hesitate to say, "Shame on Vera and Rosie!" I fully expect that this Kruger decision, among other decisions by Portland's political leadership, will eventually cost the City of Portland ever more in the way of out of court settlements to victims of police violence.)*
It may be relevant that Becky works for the Police Department in Risk Management. It is also relevant, I think, that Becky admits that she is "pretty conservative", and that she personally admires Vera & Rosie as "strong" women.
Given the lap dog status of our corporate media, some of us think that our independent media is more important now than ever before, and that our "watch dog' should, therefore, be ever more vigilant.
As Noam Chomsky recently reminded us, genuine intellectual inquiry is always "subversive". IMO, Beckie's avowed "admiration" for Portland's political leadership betrayed a certain lack of objectivity - much less a spirit of persistent inquiry. Left, right, and center - there's many in Portland who think that the media's first loyalty should be to Portland's citizens.
In Becky's letter, she described her remarks on air as an attempt to be "fair and reasonable" about Capt. Kruger. Sorry, I think its far from reasonable to look upon Kruger's Nazi fascination/admiration as "an innocent hobby" - if I may say so, I think it's insane. If a private citizen belonged to a white supremest group - one would hope that our police or the FBI would be keeping a close eye on him. Some of us think Kruger and any other Nazi lover in the Portland police force should return to civilian life so the proper authorities can more easily keep track of them.
Beckie's exceptional respect for leading political figures - feminine or not - and her "conservatism" are traits which I think jeopardizes her ability to be an aggressive watchdog for the public interest. For instance, Beckie had praise in her letter that Portland's Police Force has won awards for their excellence; some of Portland citizens look askance at an award for a city:
(Source  link to www.portlandcopwatch.org )

- where in the last year, an autistic teen was tasered,
- where, in the last 8 years, there has been 4 police killings of an unarmed black man,
- where 3 people in 5 years have been shot in the back by a police sniper while they were talking to a police negotiator.
In this Orwellian era I think any reward for "excellence" should automatically make us suspicious; haven't Obama and Kissinger both received the Nobel Peace Prize?! Just as the corporate media's endorsement of any - usually well funded - candidate should cause the prescient voter to write that particular candidate off our list, so, too, we citizens of Portland should not become less vigilant because of any such "award".
As I stated earlier, I was appalled by the entire board's defense of Becky.

That Becky's contribution to the media's watchdog role is questionable, is one thing, but to have nearly every sitting board member come to her defense - not only excusing her lapse of judgment - but praising her as "courageous" and "open minded" is quite another. I'm sure that Becky is probably a very pleasant person to work with, but I would insist that Becky's ability to make positive contributions to an independent media outlet is mediocre at best.
Again I'll quote the wise gnome: "...the respected intellectuals< http://www.chomsky.info/interviews/20031028.htm>in virtually every society are those who are distinguished by their conformist subservience to those in power. Others who take elementary human responsibilities seriously tend to suffer overwhelmingly in one form of repression or another."

In his own words Alan Graf says:
" Captain Kruger has a free speech right to his hobby !!
How about the right to abuse his authority and wreak violence on people exercising their right to free speech? Guess that's ok.


PS Becky - the Nazi Apologist resigned her office as KBOO Foundation President but still continues as KBOO's Nazi apologist Director. Is that what the members wanted when they elected her ?