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Racist Scum Propaganda found in SW Portland

Racist flyers from the National Alliance found in newspaper boxes at SW Broadway and Madison.
This afternoon I found some racist anti-affirmative action flyers in newspaper bins at the corner of SW Broadway and Madison. The flyer has contact info for the white separatist National Alliance. From wikipedia:

"The National Alliance is a white separatist political organization. It was founded by William Luther Pierce, and is based in the Pierce family's compound in Hillsboro, West Virginia. Although it operates primarily in the United States, the National Alliance claims to have members in various countries all throughout the world. Membership is not based upon citizenship in any particular country, but only upon all-white, non-Jewish European ancestry. The National Alliance is often included in lists of neo-Nazi groups by their political rivals, in part due to its alleged glorification of Adolf Hitler. For example, within an article appearing in a 1989 issue of one of its magazines National Vanguard had celebrated the 100th anniversary of Hitler's birth, declaring him "the greatest man of our era."

I didn't have a chance to look for more in the neighborhood. Their placement in front of the Oregon Historical Society hopefully portends a day when trash like this is a thing of the past.

National Alliance stickers also showing up in north portland 08.Jul.2010 07:43

kick out the jams

NA stickers also found and promptly removed in north portland. They were replaced with Rose City Antifa stickers