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Nationalisim In The 'Hood / John Trudell

- the 4th of july has become a disgusting display of amuricun arrogance and glottony -
i have come to despise the drones who wallow in the celebration of u.s. arrogance , and who don't have any grasp of what history has to teach us.
as a result , i withdraw from any recognition of this " holiday " and try to find something more enjoyable to do with my time. on this particular 4 july i was fortunate enough to have tuned into a documentary on the life of John Trudell , the american indian activist , orator , songwriter . his life of dedication to exposing fraud and injustice in this country is remarkable and worthy of great respect. he has suffered severe consequences from his pursuit of truth , including the burning deaths of his wife and daughters under very suspicious circumstances. he has more pages in an f.b.i. file kept on him than any other inhabitant of this u.s. of a. , but none of this has dulled the edge of his ' sword '.
traveling along on his life's journey was such a wonderful antidote the toxic aspects of this american culture!

video 07.Jul.2010 13:56