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the exxon valdez, selendang ayu , cosco busan , cougar ace,and dubia star all spilled oil and still havent paid to have the oil spill containment nets made that would assist in containing more oil than water from the underwater currents being isolated with hand braided nets from some bering sea fishermen who have been foresaken by the activist community for simply being a fishermen " point in fact.. wild caught real salmon runs in alaska still have to be saved given thier omega 3 protein value... shutdown aquaculture (farmraised vaccine induced) ignonble uses of bad discovery that wrongly persists ( prohibition malt liquor fortified wine .. give local inncocents a chance from the uncle sam squander charity welfare money going back to the 3rd world quality liqour/convenience store that gets tax writeoffs ( as if benifitting the local community..( also boycott bartells drug .. end bush era healthcare subsidies that put homeland security in bartell drugs 3rd and union to enforce a no bathroom policy......
call senator cantwelll, murray, pelosi,feinstien,boxer and say "oil spill containment nets ,,, bithcess

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Why is FOSS not always ready! 07.Jul.2010 16:01

aa savetherealsalmonruns@gmail.com

FOSS marine southeast of ballard bridge on canal southside between ballard bridge and fremont bridge there is a longliner that kills its bycatch and doesnt fix industrial hygiene leaks regarding oil dripping from lifts above the cooker tank and a seperate live tank on starboard side..... plus they steal 70% of king crab and 50 % of p cod yet the multiple subsidiaries that hide the speculators get a capital gains tax breaks while theiving 70% out of honest labor.. believed to be a u.s. constitutional violation but "crab rationalization" is supported by the vast marjority of the democratic 2 party loyalty to class war backstabs on honest labor denied integrity of labor contract.. but.. alaska crab coalition notified fishing companies before one of thier employees would testify how bad royalties before you pay those who harvested was a bad idea and would threaten employee with unemployment if testified to senate or house of rep or dept of commerce officials.....

FOSS responded with a ill equipped tug boat when the "selendang ayu" split in 2 becuz the safety line that broke was the only one the FOSS tugboat had....they got paid full tug rate while watching the ship slam over and over till it snapped almost 2 million liters of heavy bunker fuel onto billions of pieces of soybean that weighed 130 ,000,000 pounds ...to this day the company International Maritime Carriers _Hong Kong _ mr. frank tsao c.e.o. refuses to pay for oil spill debris and containment nets needed within 2 days of his december 7th ,2004 accident..these nets could be used to help contain the heavy globs ....theses could work in unison with exxon valdez containment nets that still have yet to be made.. but, since july 2008 senator cantwell, murray, speaker pelosi and senator webb have known about the still needed nets ... a fisherman hand delivered the documents and the emphasis of containment equipment and "oil spill mitigation equipment" still owed by all International maritime organization members and major cruiselines for deoxygenated poop chopped up and choking real salmon runs in south east alaska.
Once port didnt charge proper $150.00 per passenger it went from 6 boats to over 200 each in seattle and over 200 vancouver.. all while local property tax cover infrastructure the offshore operators originally promisd then pulled a fast one after construction was begun and the port commisions were afraid they wouldnt get anymore nice first class lifestyle enhanced "travel junkets" that undermine the integrity of a trade deal..