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Why Women Dominate the Right-Wing Tea Party

Women also play a decisive role in the Tea Party and now make up fifty-five percent of its supporters, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. Hanna Rosin reports in Slate magazine that "of the eight board members of the Tea Party Patriots who serve as national coordinators for the movement, six are women. Fifteen of the 25 state coordinators are women."
It was bad enough that "progressive" women were touting the fascist Hillary Clinton for president here on indy.


No Majority-Rule 06.Jul.2010 18:08

Damos Abadon

Uhmm, just because women [might] make up a slight majority of the teabagger movement, doesn't at all mean that they're dominating the party!

Women made up the slight majority of church attendees during centuries 13th through 17th. But guess who was getting burned at the stake most often...