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N.E.S.T. invites you to join us in the woods!

With midsummer upon the world, N.E.S.T. is gearing up to head out to the woods - within the week!

NEST is an all-volunteer group who utilizes survey and manage protection laws to prevent ancient forests from being cut. Basically... by finding rare and protected species in threatened timber sales, we stop logging!
a red tree vole!
a red tree vole!
Tree-climbs, starry sleeps, old-growth hikes, organic flame-cooked dinners, campfires, river baths, and more... the forest awaits!

If anyone would like to join us, we have an immediate need for volunteers.

We are seeking woodspeople (climbers and not!) to join us for our summer surveys. NEST operates with a summer-long mobile basecamp, which sends teams out into the forest daily.

We also need town support! This means in-town folks who can act as an intown contact for people wanting to get out to the woods, folks to do food runs, and anyone who wants to volunteer in general.

Donations of gear or financial support, are appreciated, as always.

If you would like to join us for our initial trip into the forest, please send us an email!

If you would like to join us throughout the summer, please email us and/or subscribe to the announcement mailing list for updates.


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