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Rape-Axe condoms cut rapists penises

Rape-Axe makes a condom designed to cut the penis of a rapist
This device was inspired by a South African scientist who was treating a rape victim who wished that she "only had teeth down there." It seems to me that sexual assault is one of the most anxiety-producing phenomena amongst people who want to move beyond the state but are not yet sure how to do so, and what with the well-documented misogyny of a lot of police I would not deny a womyn any weapon in the struggle to end sexual assault. The website is here:  http://www.antirape.co.za and it also has a questions section that deals with FAQs.

blues 04.Jul.2010 23:35

This Is Disgusting

"Why does the system make these women, these victims, feel like the offenders? In many societies these women are treated like offenders! This must stop! It. in fact, stops here! Rape-aXe is a device which latches itself to the skin of the attacker, causing immense discomfort, allowing the victim to escape. The attacker is 'branded' a rapist! Since the attacker will need medical assistance, there is no escaping arrest since medical staff will alert the authorities." -- the Rape-aXe site.

This is about as stupid as it gets. Just because the male is attacked with this weapon does not prove the woman who deployed it was raped. Using such an insane weapon could only lead to lawsuits and worse. Sure rape is awful and should be punished, and there are better methods than ever to do that. But this idea is so disgusting it should not be promoted at all.

stop rape by whatever means necessary 05.Jul.2010 10:57


This condom is not disgusting, rape is disgusting.

This could be a powerful tool for survivors. Unlike pepper spray, knives, or other weapons that can take some level of planning/ability to utilize, this tool is already in place.

Critics clearly have more sympathy for the rapist than the survivor. This tool can only be used defensively, yet somehow people still seem terribly concerned about the physical wellbeing of someone in the act of raping. This callousness has to stop.

I firmly stand behind weapons that can be used "offensively" as well.

Condom is great 07.Jul.2010 12:40


Why should women be expected to just be polite willing victims to men who can't control themselves. Rape culture continues because there are so many apologists for it, even here @ PDX indymedia. The distorted thinking which denys women the right to protect themselves or feel rage about rape and oppression is a symptom of insecure males who are too comfortable with their position of power. Females aren't objects to control. It hypocracy. If men had to worry about rape, like in say prison, they would have NO problem with the item. If it gives women freedom from oppression the issue all the sudden is of no issue. Insecure men, get a clue, privelege is privelege, be it racial or sex oriented. If you fear repurcussions or rage for being in a position of power too,then maybe its time you question whether inequality is worth the trouble.

Don't Listen To This Disgusting Astroturf 07.Jul.2010 15:13


Yes, most women who I have talked about it with have been raped at least once. Often by their fathers. We live in a very sick society. The European women I've known were not raped nearly as often. Rape of children is often physically damaging. An older woman is likely to suffer only relatively minor psychological damage from rape. Nowhere near the damage that was done to most Vietnam vets. One psychology study done years ago indicated this. If you had to chose between having your teeth removed with a wrench or being raped, I think you would prefer the latter.

This proposed use of animal traps in vaginas is sheer barbarism. Rape is awful, but by far not the worst thing in the world. Stop it "by any means necessary"? We will never achieve a more civil society simply by resorting to more gross, disgusting barbarism. These people who claim that rape is the biggest problem on earth and must be "addressed" "by any means necessary" are NOT your friends! I think they have another agenda. They want to accelerate the erosion of relationships between individual people. Why help them to make the rest of us even more powerless?