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the revolution will never end.

1776 was a wake up call for many americans to take back their minds, possessions and bodies. for some soon after the fighting the revolution was put to rest and the quiet business of living resumed. but the revolution, like the spinning earth we inhabit, will never cease.
the revolution will never end.
by the society of free people

today marks the anniversary of the american revolution almost three hundred years ago. many will celebrate by investing in the same ways that people were forced to before the war of freedom. they will give money, and pay taxes to the same british banks that once held the continent in grip that was once considered unbearable. now that all the land in the united states has been charted and mapped where has our pioneering spirit gone? what vanguards do we still honor?

the idea that america has earned or garnered some kind of independence is still in question. we, the society for free people, deny anyone the claim that we are independent nation. we challenge anyone to prove the validity of this claim as a means of supporting the ecosystems or the plant, animal and human life that inhabit our world. furthermore, we offer a truly alternative solution.

the revolution has not ended, nor will ever die. as long as people feel that they have the intelligence and cooperation to live collectively we do not feel the need to be ruled. so long as the would be "rulers" abuse their powers there will be killing innocent men, women, and children, enslavement or restrict people, plants, and animals, domination the minds of the oppressed, and tampering in any way with the rights of men, women, and children.

governments and their minions will not win the revolution. already their numbers are dwindling, more people are rising to the task of rebellion. the society of free people welcomes anyone to join. what we ask is that you use your mind, and dont allow anyone to think for you, act for you, or speak for you. when it comes to justifying your lifestyle and decisions; do it yourself. money does not grow on trees, and is not as important. you cant breath concrete, and you cant eat landfills. america's number one products right now are drugs and guns. the police are agents of their dispursal.

who are your vanguards? where are your heroes? what do you cultivate?

in closing, the society of free people encourages you to seriously consider what you consider to be your own. "what a country honors is what it cultivates" (borrowed quote). if you dont produce what you have, then there is a strong chance that someone produced it for you. quite possibly these products came from places that do not have their own freedoms, and are also probably very polluted and dangerous places to live. take back your mind, your conveniences, and celebrate life and its diversity. as with any revolution be very wary of those who would try to sway you away from your desired objective. instead of fighting them, encourage them to realize that the world is always changing, and their anger is merely a reflection of their refusal to accept their losses.