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Oil Spill Containment Nets Still OWED

the exxon valdez, selendang ayu, cosco busan, and dubai star and f/v baranof have yet to pay for the needed containment nets that would have dialed down the devestation by containing and recycling before the currents force way into middle of oil and slosh it about...
oil spill containment net.com/portland indymedia 74 days and counting from original 20 years from u.s. senate 2 party monopolization capitulation of proper trade policy....save the innocents .. prohibition of malt liquor and fortified wine. wave uncle sam's monthly donations of financial compassion to the poor .. squandered in mccain resupply of tax break and write off liqour and conveinience store... chain the vets for peace to the liquor store from sandiego to seattle.... protest water is more expensive than malt liqour...

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