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Support Marie Mason Event July 17th at Red & Black

Join friends and comrades to support current political prisoner Marie Mason on July 17th. Event will be held at the Red & Black Cafe and begin at 7pm!
SUPPORT MARIE MASON - talk & letter-writing

Saturday, July 17th, 7pm
Red and Black Cafe - 400 SE 12th Ave. at SE Oak St. in Portland, OR

Marie Mason is serving almost 22 years for two acts of environmentally-motivated property destruction in which no one was hurt. This is the longest sentence of any of the current "Green Scare" prisoners. This talk will explain the background of the federal government's Green Scare - the labeling of eco-saboteurs and animal liberation activists as "terrorists", and resulting legal implications - and what you can do to support Mason and the other prisoners.

homepage: homepage: http://supportmariemason.org/