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earl bloomenauer is a lying piece of

He voted for war funding by voting for the rule!
back to the bridges
back to the bridges
From earl the liar:

Dear joe,

Did you hear that the House passed a bill to end the era of abuses by banks that are "too big to fail?"

Read more about the legislation we passed on Wednesday, which will end taxpayer bailouts of big banks, prevent predatory lending, and create a consumer financial protection bureau that puts consumers first.

Wall Street games and the resulting financial crisis cost the country 8 million jobs, $17 trillion in retirement savings and needless tragedy for families across the country. In Oregon, where we've faced record unemployment, I've heard from people across the state who have lost their homes and their jobs. It's not enough to get our economy back on its feet; we have to make the business of Wall Street the business of America.

Last Night's Critical Votes

Before returning to Oregon, I cast a series of votes on important pieces of legislation - one to provide $117 million for Oregon education programs, among other things, and one to extend unemployment insurance for people still dealing with the effects of the financial crisis; the other vote was in opposition to war funding for Afghanistan.

From education and health care to rebuilding our infrastructure and jump starting the economy, we simply cannot afford to send more troops to fight in a war that must be wound down, not escalated.

I hope to hear from you on these issues and more, so please share my newsletter with others and write me with questions or thoughts.

Happy early July 4th.

Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress

This man is a sham, read what David Swanson explains and you may understand what the lying congressman is telling and expects you to believe it:

In order to keep teachers in the classrooms, they set us up by including money for teachers in the war supplemental war funding, see David Swanson war-funding"


"The non-war-related amendment, to fund teachers and disaster relief, passed 239 to 181 with 1 voting "present." This vote, heavily promoted by teachers' unions -- which tended never to mention the war funding -- guaranteed passage of the war funding, since the rule required that at least one amendment pass."

So we have teachers but will have another year of killing, Pelosi at work---isn't that special

I have been asked, (not by indy) not to use the word f*ck, so I will not, but this creep called the earlman is a shit!

homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

Action Speak Louder Than Words 03.Jul.2010 18:30


A 1979 picture of Earl with an *updated captions to suggest the obvious

{ original picture from was found here:  http://tiny.cc/9fsir }