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Peace on Marijuana Lost in Washington

The Peace on marijuana is possible.
Keep Working for Peace
Keep Working for Peace
Peace on Marijuana Lost in Washington

It was a valiant effort for some ballot collectors in the more redneck parts of the State. About 200,000 ballot signatures were collected; but 241,000 were needed.

The war continues. It is projected to leave 12,000 casualties. That is 12,000 real Washingtonians will be injured by the current law. The cost of lying, sneaking, spying and infiltration by the police is unknown. Deadly home assaults to serve warrants are also not unknown.

The Peace on marijuana is possible. Collecting signatures for the next election cycle must be geared for. Perhaps the legislature would act to end the war on its citizens? Time will tell; but in the mean while the parasitic forces of the state continue persecution.


Its really time to vote for peace candidates

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