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Let's Get Together and Try

What many of us have been talking about is here.
Fight for Justice and Peace
Fight for Justice and Peace
Oregon Progressive Party Condemns Gaza Flotilla Attack, Celebrates Organizer on Way to Israel to Rebuild Demolished Palestinian Home.

Building Peace:
A Fundraiser to Send Alaina Melville to Gaza.
Tuesday July 6, 2010 6pm-8pm
Mississippi Pizza Pub (3552 N. Mississippi Ave.)

PORTLAND: Oregon's newest minor party, the Progressive Party, strongly condemns the recent Israeli attacks on a group of humanitarian activists in international waters. Commonly known as the Gaza Flotilla, the group was attacked in the early morning hours of May 31. Israeli commandos rappelled onto the lead ship, the Mavi Marmara, and after ensuing chaos nine civilians were dead as a result of the egregious attack.

The Mavi Marmara was just one of six ships carrying 10,000 tons of aid to the struggling, impoverished Palestinians in an attempt to break Israel's three year old blockade of the Gaza Territory. In those three years conditions have deteriorated for the Palestinian people into a humanitarian crisis as food, medicine, fuel, and electricity have severely inhibited the economic growth and viability of the Palestinian people.

The Oregon Progressive Party calls for a drastic change to United States foreign policy in the Middle East and in particular to the U.S. enabling and funding of the Israeli occupation and subjugation of the Palestinians. We must immediately cease all military and economic aid to Israel. We call on the President and the Secretary of State to demand an immediate end and full lifting of the Gaza blockade, which clearly constitutes collective punishment on a civilian population, a violation of international humanitarian laws.

On solving Gaza's humanitarian crisis The International Committee of the Red Cross has stated, "The only sustainable solution is to lift the closure." A recent easing of the Gaza Blockade does little to promote equal rights or increase hope that Israel will enable the isolated coastal region to improve living conditions and infrastructure. Although coliander is now allowed into Gaza, it is hard to actualize how that will empower the Palestinian people to grow their own food and rebuild their homes and factories.

The Oregon Progressive Party is pleased to announce that one of its key organizers, Alaina Melville, will be traveling to Israel and the occupied territories to participate in the Israeli Committee Against Housing Demolition's (ICAHD) Summer Work Camp July 13 to rebuild a Palestinian home that was illegally demolished. She is holding an all-ages fundraiser event the evening of July 6, from 6pm-8pm at Mississippi Pizza Pub (3552 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland) to help cover the expense of her amazing journey. The event will feature music from acclaimed local activist and performer, David Rovics, as well as a raffle, art auction, and belly dancers.

The Oregon Progressive Party is excited that Alaina is taking such a courageous and selfless journey to the conflict stricken region. Embracing the strong wish for peace from hundreds of international organizations, being honest about American involvement in the conflict, and reaching out and helping those in need is one of the most effective things Americans can do to help the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

"Participating in ICAHD's summer work camp will be a great opportunity to see the reality of occupation, which will enable me to be a more effective activist for the Palestinian people. We will be practicing non-violent resistance in an effort to support the Palestinian people, promote equal rights and to work towards an end to the humanitarian abuses that, as an American, my tax dollars support," Alaina Melville said.

The Oregon Progressive Party. Fighting For You. Fighting Along With You.

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Philip Kauffman

From Joe Walsh-lone Vet

Now we're talking, we got to take stands for peace. The last thing I said to Roberto before he left me was: "When the dems pass this new war funding don't get depressed; it will pass."

I am excited that the Oregon Progressive Party has come out in very clear language supporting real peace in the Middle East and condemning the violent act of piracy on the high seas by Israel. We must all call those who murder---murderers no matter who they are---end of story. I believe the once abused have now become the abuser. We will fight to see this party take off, it is what all of us have been talking about for years. The Republican Leadership should be arrested under RICCO and the Democratic Party to be known as the party of endless wars and sellouts. Anyone who stays in the two major parties and thinks they can change them is, as one of my friends likes to say, "On a fools errand." Some of you may be offended by this e-mail---too bad, these are truly "The Times that try one's soul."

Thank you Progressive Party!

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