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~ wealthy elite americans do run this great country of theirs with an iron fist president obama ~
~our wealthy elite cabal of american billionaires who have total control of our u.s. congress through their lobbyists and unlimited political corporate spending, are now sending all us little people living here in their america a very real wake~up call.

we at lawyers for poor americans believe they are prepared in november to eliminate these extended unemployment benefits if our american work force does not attempt to seriously find themselves future employment. (that means any and all jobs of availability )

their well financed study groups have all the data and they must be enlightening our u.s. wealthy elite that poorer americans are not searching far and wide and applying for enough various jobs.

please remember poorer americans that these wealthy elite americans and their families (who comprise only 1% of our population) run our well financed economic machine through our u.s.congress purse strings and their majority share holdings in american and international corporations.

we have not forgotten here at lawyers for poor americans that our u.s. still has the largest gnp in the world even though our great country has lost tens of thousands of jobs abroad.

** bringing down that great wall in china is better to be brought down with $$ then war little poor americans **

sleep well our fellow americans, our wealthy elite future economic plans for us is surely not a plan
in the making,but one that was planned many moons ago.

lawyers for poor americans is a volunteer www lobby that sings out for middle~class and working poor americans.we are and can be found with any and all web search engines by our name,telephone number or e mail address.


*** we enjoy bringing the good~life to all our little people of america ***